Picture of How to add cool fonts to your computer
Ever wanted that cool font you saw on a sign? Or the Coca Cola font on your school work?
Well this tutorial will show you how!

You will need:
Computer (duh!)
Internet (duh!)
A Word Processor, examples:
>Microsoft Word
>OpenOffice Writer
>Microsoft Works Word Processor

Step 1: The Website

Picture of The Website

This is the website that you will need: Cooltext.com
It is a free, non-profit website that has a database of thousands of fonts.
Go to the main page first.
Then click on 'Fonts' in the bar at the top.
The fonts page should look like the second picture. It catargorises the fonts into lots of different sections, such as Brandname, films etc.
Denger3 years ago
Short and sweet.... and it works! Thank you.
TheChemiker5 years ago
~KGB~5 years ago
MegaMetal85 years ago
whos Mikey 13 guessing yur name an age
TheFoofinator (author)  MegaMetal85 years ago
My old name- the only image I have with the cooltext font on, by the way the font is called deftone stylus- the burnout paradise font.
TSC5 years ago