How to Add Crack's Etc to Pic's With GIMP





Introduction: How to Add Crack's Etc to Pic's With GIMP

Step 1: What You Need

click here to get >GIMP<
you can use other programs
but gimp is the one we will be using.

bliss wallpaper or any one you want can be found in 

an image with a crack & solid background


& post a comment please

Step 2: Lets Get Too Buissness

Open bliss in gimp and add picture 'two' (or 'three' for you lazy/ uncool people) by clicking file, open, select  the picture and drag it into the layers window; do not click open. if you do not know how to get to layers window  short cut combo (ctrl L). Bliss should be covered up by your broken glass image this is normal.

Step 3: Moving On

This is what you should see. Now use the (select by color) tool. see second image
& click on the black / green & then delete all the black / green

Step 4: Now for the Text

Now select the fuzzy select tool again see second image and click on any thing you want to delete, then press (delete).
use the eraser for the remainder & be careful, the fuzzy select tool will delete things you will
want to keep. Go slow. By the end of this instructable you should be accustomed to the (ctrl z) shortcut

  post a comment please!

good luck!

Step 5: I Just Put This Picture Up Because I Was Tiard of Bliss

Now, back to business. Duplicate the top layer. Change the modes for each layer until your happy. I have mine set to: value at 45.1 & screen at 72.9  (see second image)

please leave a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& feel free to post your pic's post

  Now you are done!



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    You can set the pic as wallpaper, hide the cursor, and end explorer to pull a cracked screen prank.

    i found this vista bliss i can't get the cracks but if someone could do it that could be cool


    here it is just right click and copy paste or click save as and save as smashg


    i cant get the green away

    ok, i really dont get this. your writing is illegible.

    I'm sorry ill have to re do the instructable with more pictures and better instructions I'll try to contact you when it is done

    dont get it . where do you get the program