How to add games to LG-VX9900 (env) (envy) cell phone

Picture of How to add games to LG-VX9900 (env) (envy) cell phone
I will be showing you step-by-step how to add multiple .swf games onto your LG-VX9900 enV phone.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Here is a list of things that you need. It shouldn't cost you anything assuming you already have a computer, an LG-VX9900 env, and the proper usb cable for the phone.

1. BitPim v1.0.6

2. V-Cast music driver

3. "Mini Arcade by Shockwave" installed on your phone (will explain in step 2)

4. Any program that can edit xml files, i use adobe dreamweaver in this tutorial. Notepad works too.

5. And of course we need some free games (always make sure they are .swf format or they will not work). You can get them from anywhere, but here's a place where you can download a few.

Step 2: Flash Lite 2.1

Picture of Flash Lite 2.1
For the games to work, your phone needs Flash Lite 2.1 and an application to run the games. This is where "Mini Arcade by Shockwave" comes into play.

On your phone, go to: Get it Now > Games > Get New App. > find the "Get it Now Seach" application.

After you have the "Get it Now Search" application, use it to seach for "mini arcade". Your search should find the application "Mini Arcade by Shockwave". download the demo of it (free - 1 uses).

Run Mini Arcade, and use your token to download any game (I downloaded Luck-A-Zino Blackjack).
Make sure you run the game and play it for a couple seconds.

doing this installs Flash Lite 2.1, and makes the .swf directory in your phone that we will need to access later on.

Step 3: Connecting your phone

Picture of Connecting your phone
1. install the V-cast driver and BitPim.

2. connect your phone to your computer via the usb cable.

3. start the BitPim program.

BitPim should automatically detect your phone. If it does not, go to: edit > settings.

once in settings, click on the "phone type" drop down box and locate LG-VX9900 (enV).
If you cannot find it that way, click on "phone wizard" and follow the steps.

nemrel5 years ago
Great Instructable! I have a problem though. I have the LG EnV2 and it seems that Verizon has removed the ShockWave Mini-Arcade game from the list of possible games to download onto that phone. So I have no way (as of right now) of getting Flash Lite or ShockWave onto the phone. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
zkemppel (author) 5 years ago
i only have an original env. I'll try it with the env 3 when i get one in a few weeks.
would this work with the env 3? or is it just the original phone?