Metal studs are often added to clothing such as jackets, vests, and pants by punks and metal-heads. Considering I had not read or seen anything regarding how to stud before doing it, I decided to take step-by-step pictures just in case someone else is feeling a little overwhelmed as to how to go about studding your stuff. 

Step 1: Materials needed

-Article of clothing
-Something to put holes in fabric (in this case- tweezers).
-Something to fold stud prongs down (I used my thumbs, and by the end, they were soooo sore. I suggest using needle-nose plyers as I attempted to use my tweezers and ended up cutting myself when they slipped off of the prongs)
-Anything with a straight-edge, such as a ruler, to get a straight line of studs.

***Studsandspikes.com offer a great deal for getting a bag of 100 "English '77" silver cone studs, either standard or tall, for only the cost of shipping. 

Here's my Instructable on how to get their free studs-
Getting Free Studs
<p>awesome, thanks</p>
<p>when i tried to hammer the studs they twisted and became distorted (( i guess for those studs, that are supposed to be hammered in, there should be a special device used..</p>
<p>No-sew buttons/studs are cheap, but I don't want to wreck my 100% polyester (microfiber) jacket, which keeps losing buttons. I wonder if it would be easier to force the stud through it than denim, or worse?</p>
<p>Nobody replied and I was down to my last button on that jacket, so I bought a set of 30 jean studs/spikes from sfcdirect on eBay, which arrived today.</p><p> I used the widest opening end of the button holes overlapping the button sites as my guide for the spikes, widened the spike hole with a fingernail cleaner, pushed the spikes through without folding down the prongs, folded a layer of fabric under each stud for cushioning, laid it stud-down on top of a metal box on my carpet, then hammered each stud in.</p><p>We'll see how it fares through normal wear and washing/drying.</p>
<p>Thanks for the instructions!</p>
I shall be one step closer to becoming Neil from &quot;The Young Ones.&quot;
You mean Vivian, Neil was the hippie. :D But to be Vivian, you would have to stud your forehead as well. <br>
&quot;disco stu doesn't advertise...&quot; i'm sorry, i had to. nice 'ible.
haha, the patch on the top of the back was supposed to say &quot;Disco Stud&quot; haha. but yeah, thanks man.

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