Treadmills can be a significant investment, and purchasing one that fits your budget may require that you sacrifice certain perks. However, with a bit of creativity you can create an arrangement that allows you to enjoy music or watch movies while you work out.

This setup consists of a laptop and speakers on top of a stack of furniture and other objects designed to raise the screen to a comfortable viewing level.

For this, you will need: (1) a laptop, (2) a set of speakers [optional], (3) enough objects to raise the screen about 40 inches [type and number of objects can vary], and (4) a treadmill or other stationary workout machine.

Step 1:

The first step in this process is to gather some objects to create your base. In this case, a small end table is used in combination with a storage bin and two small boxes. When selecting the objects you will use, be sure to go for ones that will provide a sturdy base, since some potentially expensive equipment will be depending on their stability.
I'm sorry but this shouldn't be accepted as an instructables. <br> <br>You're not adding anything to the treadmill. You simply put boxes on a table and then put your laptop on it...
i dont mean to be rude but i have to agree with Mr PotatoHead here. <br>its not really instructions to use common sense. <br>anybody can stack boxes. what would really wow someone is perhaps making a mount on the treadmill for the laptop to sit on, or incorporating it into the treadmill somehow.

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