Step 2: How a Bobbin Works

Sewing machines are a mystery to a lot of people, but this website has a great animation that shows how a bobbin works.

There are 2 main parts that I will be talking about today

1. The Bobbin Case
2. The Shuttle Race/Shuttle Hook

The Shuttle Race is made of 2 parts.  The part on the inside is stationary, and the part around the outside rotates and grabs the thread as you sew (aka. the hook).
<p>Thank you. You rock. Helped with myBrother XR7700</p>
A great instructable! It helped me with the timing of my Adler 69, especially your note regarding the &quot;prong coming out of the machine&quot; which should hold the inside of the shuttle stay stationary. On my machine, the prong is on a removable part, which I took off during the attempted &quot;repair&quot;. Then, naturally I got left wondering how to keep the inside stationary. Your 'ible helped me notice the prong and recognize its function, and all was well from then on. <br> <br>There are plenty of advice and tutorials on the net about timing the hook, and I even have the manufacturer's service manual. But in all of them, I have failed to find this crucial little note on the existance and the function of the prong. Perhaps it might be obvious to somebody else. <br> <br>Anyways. It is such small details that make great 'ibles. And this one will save me time and money in the future, as I believe I will no longer need to rely on a professional shop to set the timing of my machine! Thank you! :)

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