Introduction: How to Analyze a Vehicle's CAN-BUS Using an Arduino Attached to a CAN-BUS Shield and Free Software.

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The Hardware built in a previous Instructable

In a previous instructable Ive shown how you can put together hardware to scan your can bus, the instructable can be found here.

I created a forum thread explaining a bit more in detail ,

In a nutshell, It involves attaching a SeeedStudio CAN-BUS shield to an Arduino UNO.
Note:The CAN-BUS Shield needs a custom library to be loaded from the manufacturer of the shield, which can be downloaded from github .

The actual arduino code can be found from the previously mentioned link

Alternatively you can use the Arduino Code embedded into the SuperSniffer's "Arduino Code" Sketch toolbar menu.

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I have developed a tool which I call the SuperSniffer, It allows you to analyze the data in a way so you can make more sense of the incoming message stream, If you have scanned the can bus before you will now that 1000s of messages are being transmitted and its not really possible to make out what's happening when just watching the messages come in. The Software is downloadable from here.

In the next step I will show you how to use it.

Step 1:

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First, you need to set the comport to which the Arduino is connected to, this would be the same port used to program the arduino, Once you select to connect to the COM port from the tools menu the data will already start to come in, from there you can use the pictures attached to this step to explain how to use the software.

I have also created a YouTube video on how to use the software.

Comments and questions are welcome.

Step 2:

See the YouTube Video for a more detailed tutorial.


ВикторГ10 (author)2017-11-29

Hello! The link to software doesn't work. Could you please check it?

maxmanetta (author)2015-11-27


I check but link to the SuperSniffer's don't work....

There is another place where download the program?

Best regards!

izums (author)2015-03-29

Good afternoon!

Links to a forum and soft SuperSniffer don't work.

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mviljoen2 (author)izums2015-03-29

Hi Sorry about that I fixed the links.

Mackhack (author)2015-02-16

Would you make your SuperSniffer open source?

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