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The first, biggest problem is choosing the right problem to solve, the next biggest problem is determining how to get your solution out to people.
I made it at techshop:
<p>Problem:<br>How much are people willing to pay?<br>Is there a residual payment basis (for long term relationship development)?<br>Is there a large upsell (5-15k)?</p><p>Marketing Channel:<br>Where do you connect with prospects e.g. adwords, referrals, retail storefront, radios, etc.<br>Usually you only have to get 1 to 3 critical factors correct with this e.g. top position on google, have a super connector referrer, etc.</p><p>Pitch:<br>How do you approach prospects?<br>People generally want to know what is it, how much does it cost, how do I benefit, what do I have to do to get it.<br>You generally have to try 20 very different pitches to find one that works.</p><p>Use this system to analyze any business you know and things will fall into place.</p>

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