Step 1: The Basics of Applying Henna

Before you can master the art of applying Henna on hands, you must practise on glass sheet

Place henna design on a table or some hard surface. Lay a sheet of clear glass on it to cover it completely.

The main thing to apply Henna from cone is to hold the cone correctly. Hold it in your right hand (if you are Right-handed), taking photo as a guide. Your hand must be comfortable while holding it and try to squeeze to see how comfortably you can do it. Squeeze little at a time, do not apply too much force as the henna mixture is in liquid form and at the beginning, it comes out of the cone without squeezing. Learn as you do!

Take out the pin from the cone when you are using it and keep it in someplace safe. And do not forget to put it back in the cone when you have done working.

When you are ready to start, take the pin out of cone and squeeze a little henna on a piece of tissue paper. It will be black in the beginning and hard too, keep squeezing it until the mixture comes out of light color and is soft.

As you start applying, the tip keeps on get messy, so keep cleaning it with tissue paper. The cleaner the tip, the neater will be your work.

Now you have learnt how to squeeze, clean and hold the cone. Start applying the henna on the glass sheet following the design from the paper. As a beginner, your hand will keep shivering, the lines will be wavy and it will be messy. Do not worry it happens.

Place the design in front of you as the fingers will be near to you and the wrist away. The reason for this positioning is that whenever you apply henna on someone’s hand, you will never start from fingers as they will be near to you. You have to start from the farthest place and come to nearest. Otherwise the whole hand will get messy!

If you have made some mistake while applying it, do not worry. Just wipe off with tissue paper. But when you are working on skin, then it will definitely leave its color.

Now what you need for perfection is….practise! It is the regular practise that will improve your handling and applying skills. Keep practising on glass sheet as you can see, you can wash it easily. Let it dry for the next use or wipe it with tissue paper if henna is not completely dried.
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any place online where i can purchase some? i would love to do some on my wife :)
<p>You'll find it at any Indian Supermarket. If you are looking strictly online. Just google it.</p>
<p>can you say me how to put bid arabic designs</p>
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Hey where are you from?
Thanks just what i needed.i see a lot of henna tutorials showing how to draw patterns but non ever tell me how to use the cone when it comes to pressure and flow of the henna.thanks a lot. The instructable diagrams are an awesome help a well. I got an instructable account thanks to you- ray_sunshine16 . Ill post picks of what I've learnt soon .
How long does the henna last approximately?
Good quality henna lasts upto 7 days, but the color fading process goes on for about a month.
Beautiful work! I find this so much more interesting than a tattoo. The fact that it wears off is great. Do women other than brides have this done? How often?
lots of people do this just for fun
ur wrk s grt,,um a mehndi designer n i luv da instructions.....mashallah, :))))
I have no idea what you just said...
mashallah means- as god wills
did you mean to say &quot;your work is great, im a mehndi designer and i love the instructions&quot; ?
yess,,seems lyk ur confused :P
:( this is everything that is wrong with our generation. please use words...
haha agreed!
Hey, Cerafem, I'm 14 and just look at me using words! <br><br>Oh, and capitalization!<br><br>Okay, I'm sorry...
Heh, I'm 15 and most of the time I at least capitalize :D
I am 23, and I rarely use words...
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LOL ;)) ^_^
Pretty sure Kasm wasn't joking.
I believe thats ancient zeyanimisbahian... I a proffesor on it... it says your works great! I'm a mehndi designer and I love the instrucrions.... Hubla mama bumbumkink
excuse me could you tell me where i can buy hena
Its readily available in Asian countries but I don't know about your area, you may google on net and purchase online maybe!
is there a website?
thank with the help of u i can solve my problem
thats soo cool lol so how dose the stuff work? dose it stain your hand ?
yes, it sorts of stain/dye your skin.
Where do you get the henna???
Here is a link to a great web sight. It sells henna and all of the supplies that you would need for henna tattoos and hair dye! <br><br>http://www.hennacaravan.com/hennakits.html<br><br>I'm always happy with their service!
Wow that is beautiful. Great work!<br>
Masha Allah, the designs of the henna are really very beautiful.
it'cute but i don't understand~ did u paint on the glue paper frist ,and then press it on hand?
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Wow, these designs are beautiful. Congrats on a winning entry.
thanks and waiting for my prize!
Can I use my self hand to do picture on it, or it'll be very difficult? PS: I have not practice in drawing before
definitely you can do it on your own hand. in video, i applied henna on my own hand! no problem if you dont draw. Its all about practice.

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