Step 5: Practice without Tracing

When you can see that designs you make with henna are no longer messy, and you have got control over the cone squeezing it and your hands are no longer shivering while making it, then you are ready for the next step.

Take an A4 sheet or a plain piece of paper. Place your left hand on it if you are right-handed and vice versa. With pencil draw an outline of your hand on paper.

After tracing, rotate the tracing so that fingers are towards you, place glass sheet on it as you did for printed design.

Put the printed design beside hand-tracing so they are parallel and near enough.

As a beginner it will be difficult for you to decide that from where you should start applying henna. So at this stage, start from the base of index finger. See the design from printed paper and trace it on the glass sheet just by looking it as you are making a sketch.

Now start making design from wrist to the thumb.

 In this way, your design will get divided and you will know exactly what your design is and how you can make it on hand.

Now make the design which will come in the center of hand till the index finger.

After the palm is completed, come towards remaining fingers, starting from the middle one to the pinky.

Now practise this technique until you can judge the proportions of design on hand. Make another tracing of your hand but this time right one and practice on it too, so you can perfect both the hands.

When you see you are good at this, then…. its time for trying out on a real hand! Time to call your friends!