Picture of How to archive a .iso (PSP Game)
This instructable will hopefully teach you how to create a .iso to play on your PSP. This tutorial only applies to people who are running custom firmware on your psp.

This is to only be done to backup a game you already OWN not one that you have DOWNLOADED.

For this tutorial I will be using a copy of 'Star Wars Battlefront 2' that I own. This also work on any other PSP game.

Step 1: What you will need

-A PSP running custom firmware
-A UMD of any PSP game
-Active ISO File Manager 2 (link will be provided [software is FREE])
jd49552 years ago
hey how come whenever i try to install the Active ISO File Manager 2 in my computer it doesn't install correctly (Stops responding). My computer has windows xp professional
jd4955 jd49552 years ago
oh and it is a year 2002
DUDe you totaly skipped a step how do I rip my umd onto the computer?
Soundwave45 years ago
Hey buddy how can make my psp 3000 play ps2 games like this japanese game called Transformers tataki. The manager said I have to mod my psp 3000 to a psp 1000/2000 to play the ps2 game
How can I mod my psp 3000 please help.
Soundwave45 years ago
dudes. i have a big problem. i went to mega media xchange to figure out how to fix my psp screen. but they dont have a cable to get on my tv. so my and i are going to fix it. how do i mod my psp 3000 to a psp 2000 or 1000 so i can play transformers tataki
fjeena6 years ago
when i make an iso and start the game my psp crashes.. what can i do to fix this problem? i have a psp slim v5.00 m33-6 cfw...thanks...
codongolev6 years ago
easy peasy.
octavian2346 years ago
This is a good guide. if i wasnt so lazy i would of made a guide just like this one. Good Job { - >) -its a happy cyclops with hair and a nose
frollard6 years ago
Neat guide - I always wondered how the games were extracted from umd>>iso.