How to assemble a 1W TO-5 9mm Laser burner Module

Picture of How to assemble a 1W TO-5 9mm Laser burner Module
This instructable will show you how to assemble a laser module with a TO-5 Laser Module, this can generally be either a 1W 808nm or 1W 405nm diode. But any 9mm diode will do.
This method does not require the use of a press, but it is recommended.

This is a general guide that will apply to all variations of laser cases.
Similarly this will be exactly the same for any other size of laser diode.

Here is a demonstration of a completed identical laser burner module

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Step 1: Getting started

Ok, heres what youll need.
  • 1W 9mm / TO-5 laser diode. I use a 1W 808nm IR laser diode
  • TO-5 laser diode casing
  • Soldering Iron, very clean if possible
  • Lead free solder if possible otherwise get the one with the highest possible tin (Sn) content.
  • Joined different colored wire, 1.5mm or higher
  • Correction Pen/Whiteout or any strong white dye based paint (acrylic is bad)
  • flat Blade screwdriver or 5mm metal pipe
  • Hammer or other hard blunt object
Optionally you can use a press instead of the hammer
THEFORREAL1 year ago
Do you think it could be possible to use common epoxy to make a collimation lens or clear epoxy to make an inner lens, ...on your own?