The Hulkbuster armor is a heavy-duty exo-frame (an add-on to the Mk. XI Modular Armor) designed for maximum strength amplification at the cost of reduced versatility and mobility. It's a great highlight in The Avengers II. As its name suggests, it was specifically designed for hand-to-hand combat with the rampaging Hulk. The armor was rated with a lift (press) capacity of 170 tons. During its maiden run, the armor enabled Stark to hold his own in sustained physical combat with the Hulk.

An open source 3D printer is needed, you can find this mod on www.shapetizer.com. This is only a guidance instruct you how to print and assemble the pieces.Then take conform to the print setting below:

Suggest settings for Ultimaker 2 (from Viggo Morten)
Print with advanced settings Material: PLA

Layer height: 0.15mm

Flow (of the filament): 107

For Hulkbuster's knees, change the support overhang angle to 45 (default is 60) Other configurations remain the same as the default.

Suggest settings for Makerbot replicator 2x (from Anthony Krampel)

Print with advanced settings

Material: ABS Layer height:0.2mm

Bed temperature:110

Nozzel temperature: 230


For Hulkbuster's knees, change the support overhang angle to 45 (default is 60) Other configurations remain the same as the default.

Step 1: You Should Get All the Parts Like:

Among all the stl files, there are 4 pieces need to printed twice:

knee nail, knee nut, kneecap nail and kneecap nut.

45 degree support angle and 0.2mm layer height is enough for the tiny parts.

Step 2: Hole to Hole Join the Leg

Insert the knee nail. (the thinner one)

Then put on the kneecap and insert the bolder nail.

Tighten the nuts.

Repeat the step to finish another leg.

Step 3: Join the Crotch

Foist the crotch nut into the thigh from the back.

Step 4: Assemble the Arms and the Head

You get the Hulkbuster!

I omitted the painting procedure. Suggest black as a bottom color then spray some metallic color. Sure you can DIY depends on your personal preferences.

Enjoy it!

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<p>Great work ! Hullkbuster 3D printed, that is awesome and again great work !!! :)</p>

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