This instructables is on how to assemble the "Harness for Arduino/Seeeduino kit" by Seed Studio.
The Harness is a frame to designed to hold an Arduino and a 9 V battery pack.

Things you'll need:
"Harness for Arduino/Seeeduino kit" from www.SeeedStudio.com
mini crosspoint screwdriver
Seeeduino, Arduino or other Arduino compatible circuit board.

Step 1: Push All the Plastic Slugs Out of the Harness

Push all the plastic slugs out of the Harness. You can pop them out with your fingernails however if your fingernails are just too dainty you can remove them with your mini screwdriver.
這是我朋友 Tully 的作品,這個東西叫 Arduino Seeeduino 這是一項類似Java C語言,它可以完成獨立運作的微處理控制,也能支援多樣的互動程式。所以Tully 真的很棒,也歡迎大家可以製作看看。

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Bio: My name is Tully Gehan
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