I had a problem when I noticed my guitar only had one button for a strap, so I couldn't put one on. Luckily, I found a cheap way.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you will need are:

I) A guitar

2) A guitar hero strap

3) Some yarn (7 in. or more will be good)
very helpful. thanks
you can also use combat paracord it would look awesome
That's how I used to attach my guitar strap, except I used a shoelace wrapped around a couple times and tied with lots of knots.
I did this when I first got my guitar, except I used an actual guitar strap. When I did mine the yarn kept breaking, so I got like six pieces of yarn and braided them together. Still on after like 3 years
'Pretty good idea. I have the same problem...very handy, thanks :) Although I may have the problem of acquiring the strap from my little brother lol.'
yeah, haha. i don't play guitar hero any more, and nobody else in my house plays it any more so i could do wat ever i wanted with the strap
Lucky! lol.
any guitar strap will do... just get a nylon one from your local music store they're not that expensive....
Is the keyboard in the back a Yamaha PSR-273?
I don't know, but it is a yamaha. How did you know?
Check the RIGHT blue speaker, right under the right side of it, it should say PSR-273. If it is, then it's because I have that same one, and I have that same... note book stand.. or whatever.
Nevermind, it<em>s not the same one.</em><br/>
yeah, it's a YPT-300. I checked.
I think I'd tend to use something a bit heftier than yarn to hold up my guitar...polyester twine, perhaps, or braided monofilament, or Kevlar (awesomeness!), or just a piece of leather thong. Other than that, nice Instructable!
I changed the 2nd step with a hint to tie it around a couple of times. Does that work?
I agree, yarn could lead to a very sad event. That said, if you pop out to a guitar store, you can get extra strap buttons for about a dollar, some shops will even install if for you for a few more. Even so, it's easy to do yourself, just drill a pilot hole a little smaller than the screw into your neck joint, then screw it in. I've always hated straps that attach up to the headstock. But hey, you have the same guitar as me!

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