How to Attach a Fast, Cheap Guitar Strap





Introduction: How to Attach a Fast, Cheap Guitar Strap

I had a problem when I noticed my guitar only had one button for a strap, so I couldn't put one on. Luckily, I found a cheap way.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you will need are:

I) A guitar

2) A guitar hero strap

3) Some yarn (7 in. or more will be good)

Step 2: Attach It

You attach it to the bottom of the guitar as you would with any other normal strap (put it on the button). But on the top you attach yarn through the hole of your strap, behind the nut (don't put the yarn over the strings, duh), and tie it. Try not to get the knot at which you tied it under the strings.

Hint: You might want to tie the yarn around a couple of times, or tie some more yarn around.

Step 3: All Finished

Now you're done and ready to jam!



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very helpful. thanks

you can also use combat paracord it would look awesome

That's how I used to attach my guitar strap, except I used a shoelace wrapped around a couple times and tied with lots of knots.

I did this when I first got my guitar, except I used an actual guitar strap. When I did mine the yarn kept breaking, so I got like six pieces of yarn and braided them together. Still on after like 3 years

'Pretty good idea. I have the same problem...very handy, thanks :) Although I may have the problem of acquiring the strap from my little brother lol.'

yeah, haha. i don't play guitar hero any more, and nobody else in my house plays it any more so i could do wat ever i wanted with the strap

any guitar strap will do... just get a nylon one from your local music store they're not that expensive....

Is the keyboard in the back a Yamaha PSR-273?

I don't know, but it is a yamaha. How did you know?