How to Avoid Water Droplets From Action Cams!


Introduction: How to Avoid Water Droplets From Action Cams!

This tutorial demonstrate how to prevent the horrible water droplets formed when the camera is removed from the water after filming an under water video or if its raining during the filming...

Step 1: Tools Needed

For this trick, you will need:

  • Micro-Fiber Cloth
  • Rain-X (Plastic Formula)
  • Water (to test the result) ;-)

Step 2: How to Video

The step by step process was performed on the regular Sony Action Cam enclosure door, but it can also be performed on any other action cams, including Go-Pro!

To view the Step by Step video, click on the video above or HERE



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    Wow that's so clever, and it looks amazing in the footage. I just wish there were some pictures to accompany the video, it would really up your instructable game!