Ever had a bus that none of your friends catch. Ever wanted to be alone on the bus without anyone sitting next to you to talk about awkward subjects, like the time at band camp she played the flute. Or ever wanted to just relax and not have to deal with the primary student sitting next to you that hits and screams. This instructable will help you to get the most comfortable, non-awkward bus trip of your life!

Step 1: Seat Positioning

Ok, well you firstly want to get on the bus as soon as possible. You then want to find a spot that's not to close to the back but not to close to the front. Once this perfect seat has been found put all your bags and stuff on the side of the window. This will make the seat appear to be more crowded than it actually is.
It works very well if that friend and yourself keep communicating in "meep, meep!" noises.

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