video How to bake a cake while camping!
Using a just add water cake, a silicon cup and a camping pot and stove you can bake the moistest cake you ever had while camping!
ReneS33 months ago
neiled_it (author)  ReneS33 months ago

Thanks. I hope you liked it.

fenikkusu7 months ago

This is from a housewife.... the amount of time to bake something depends on the type of pan you use... I.e. muffin pans, an 8x8 pan, a 9x11 pan each have different cooking times because of the depth of the batter and mass and how it relates to the size of the vessel it is poured into. More batter than a standard size muffin and we should expect more cooking time. I have never cooked with a silicon mold but if you use a pan or cup made of metal you may have to grease it or it will stick a lot! Also keep in mind water boils at 212 degrees and most baked goods are a minimum of 350. Yes it still can be done but it will require more time taking that into account. Hope this helps. Cool ible though!

arete011 year ago

Good Idea. Do you think I can make it from scratch (I mean using eggs, sugar, baking powdwe and so on) instead of 'Just add Water'?

neiled_it (author)  arete011 year ago
I think its possible. As long as you can get all the ingredients mixed well enough and making sure your eggs arrive safely to the campsite. One benefit to the just ad water mixes is their quick cook times. I'm not sure how long from scratch record take to bake. So consider that when choosing a recipe.
onemoroni12 years ago
This is great!
neiled_it (author)  onemoroni12 years ago
oldmicah2 years ago
Great idea! Why did you use silicon over a metal cup? I'm wondering if a metal cup would transfer the heat faster.
neiled_it (author)  oldmicah2 years ago
A metal cup might work well too. For me silicon is collapsable and can store very easily when hiking. I've seen bread done in a metal cup before too. If you try it in a metal cup let me know how it works out.