Step 5: Step 5. Be Hilarious

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Everyone has their own humor, and can be uniquely comedic in their own right, but you have to find yours.  If you talk like Corky, you won't be able to pull of imitating a Dane Cook act and getting a laugh.  This happens for two reasons, 1. Dane Cook isn't funny, and 2., you are missing a 1 of something you should have 46 of.  The reality is that people enjoy being around funny, witty people.  You can't really be witty, unless you are funny, and you can't really be funny, unless you are witty.  When you find your humor, you will know it on the faces of people around you, and they will light up when they see you, knowing that laughs are shortly behind.  This is extremely important in the work place, and even more so on the dating scene.  A funny ugly man has more of shot getting the girl than a good looking dry man.  It's just a plain fact of life, people enjoy other people who make them laugh, and when your company is sought out, well my friend, you are on track to being awesome.
cailin...3 years ago
pretty amusing; funniest so far was response to "fartnocker." incidentally, down's is a trisomy, so you'd have an extra, not a lack of 1 chromosome. entertaining nonetheless.
Polemic5 years ago
This is well written and funny!
shmacky26 (author)  Polemic5 years ago
 Ahhh, you are too kind.