How to Be British and Live in the US of A!


Introduction: How to Be British and Live in the US of A!

Just a short note concerning the British abroad, living, travelling or otherwise. We do have some pride in our flag, so here is a method of letting us know that you care about that..

Discover A  Union Jack Hanging Upside Down
(in Worcester State University)

1/4 cup patience
1/2 cup tolerance
1 teaspoon pride
1 small instance of neglect
1 large heart to address the issue
1 (16 ounce) beer (it helps!)
1 phone call to Worcester State
1 more instance of patience
2 more emails

1 link to

Cook for a couple of days and await crispy comments.
Salt, and serve.



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    Thank you. I saw the flag upside down and I came just to comment on it. This is amazing.

    If one finds a beer that has a Union Jag/flag as an icon, that would be great - and it would be the ONLY time one should accept flag being hoisted upside down ;>

    ujack beer.jpgujackbeer2.jpg

    You'd be surprised how many Brits don't know that's not called the Union Jack, or that it has a right way up.

    tho its not called the union jack, its called the union flag. ;)

    dunno why school taught us otherwise but they got it wrong apparently :S
    would be nice to know what this union jack is tho and why they told us it was the name of the british flag and then we go find out it isnt XD

    3 replies

    I think it's a union jack when flown from the Jack Staff located on the bow (front) of a Royal Navy or Royal Australian Navy vessel otherwise it's correctly known as a union flag. Union Jack is also universally accepted. If i'm wrong please correct me.

    ... thanks for the response, i appreciate it. But as i have just posted, many people I have encountered have said, to the effect, "What's the big deal??". I would propose that if I were to hang the Stars and Stripes from my front porch - inverted! - I would be having a few responses that may not be so laissez-faire.Thanks again,

    Thanks for this, i did not know that. But have you ever witnessed/seen the Union Flag flown upside down at official functions or public places? If you did, and you mentioned it, I'll make a sportsman's bet with you that the response was something akin to "Who can tell?" or "Who cares, no-one can see the diffeence. It riles me to say the least!