Step 2: How to Make Moose Roast

Since you're going to be living like a Canadian, you have the pleasure to eat one of our staple food sources so I've provided a tasty meal that will have all your neighbours asking for the recipe.

Moose Roast

- 4 lb moose meat
- Pepper to taste
- Celery salt to taste
- 2 garlic cloves
- 8 oz (piece) salt pork

Par boil the moose meat in 2 qts of water and 1 tb soda to eliminate the wild taste. Season the moose meat with the celery salt and pepper and place in a stock pot, adding the garlic, salt pork, and enough water to cover; Cook `til meat is tender, then drain reserving the pan juices. Place the meat in a roasting pan and top with the onions, roast at 350 degrees F. until brown, basting with the reserved juices. Thicken the remaining juices for gravy and serve over potatoes served with the moose roast.
<p>If Donald Trump wins I won't be surprised to see Canada's Population go up by 320,760,000.</p>
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The things that shocks me the most about this 'ible, is that you HAVE NOT MENTIONED HOCKEY! I am Canadian, and I'm amazed theres nothing talking about hockey in here!! We're beer swelling hockey nuts, not lumber jacks.
Im sorry I have shamed canadians everywhere, I know nothing about hockey :o
They don't say Eh alot either, My best friend lives in Canada and she told me, and they all don't like hockey, some don't and basketball also originated there from what I hear also. So please don't steriotype, I strongly dislike people that do that.
beer swilling, moose eating, coffee drinking, puck shooting, tree chopping Canucks! And yes, I proudly fall into the above category. ~adamvan2000
I want to be Canadian now=) And I believe I'm fully prepared... Great 'ible!
Your not a canadian
<p>What...Nothing about saying &quot;ah-boot&quot;, learning to love Rush music, and thinking of Don Cherry as your beloved, often right, but sometimes slightly embarrassing uncle?</p>
One time, when we were cutting down a tree, we made pancakes and used real maple syrup, not log cabin or mrs. butterworths. It was Good.
Come on over to our sugar bush. There's plenty to share and you are welcome :0)
Lol, wanna be Canadian? Live there and play hockey :)
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I went to Canada once. It seemed like America, basically, but with a lot more pretty countryside, small restaurants, good food, nice people, and health.
Would it be cool if I used your lumberjack image for a product label I'm putting together? It's really a great image!
lol this instructable was so obviously not written by a canadian....
Are you canadian mystergirl? DONT SPREAD THA CANADIAN SECRETZ!
Mysterygirl, why must you offend me so?
the best way to be canadian or fit in is live there, but i guess it depends.<br />
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Second Cup is held in a vat all day: I remember the olden days( '90s) when Second Cup was good! Timmies (yes, in Atlantic Canada it's just "Tim's" or "Timmies") is right ashy (right: really) but brewed on the spot. Just try getting it black, no sugar, though: you'd swear you had two heads under that toque (Candian Tire's flyer spells it that way, not "tuque": if you don't know CT, there's no hope for 'ya to be a Canadjan, Eh?)
Around here we also call Tim Horton's "Timmy Ho's".
Really? You must be "From Away"! Of course, you can just say "gettin' some coffee" & it'll be assumed.
Woot. Love Canada <br/>Nice instructable. <sup></sup><br/>
How could you! You forgot Hoser and Hose-Head! Oh well, love the instructable!
Nice post, you forgot to mention one of the most important parts &quot;How to say sorry&quot;. When I was recently in China one of the Chinese people we were traveling with laughed when we asked how to say sorry in Chinese, he said &quot;You really are Canadian aren't you, so far thats been one of the first things you people ask&quot;.<br/><br/>On a different note I figured I'd provide a photo that perpetuates the igloo stereotype, this was shot in my backyard back in Dec of '06. <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/jphphotography/2793378079/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/jphphotography/2793378079/</a><br/>We called it &quot;Pimp My Igloo : Surviving a Saskatchewan Winter In Style&quot;<br/>
Me thinks igloo building is worthy of an ible!
five stars, just cause im canadian
You forgot to mention Bob and Doug Macenzie. Our gods.
im Canadian the only thing ive truly done out of any of those is drink Molson canadian and treat frost bite (i wondered about 8 hours through one of the cornfields in my area after my quad broke down and had to walk back )
If any of you pore , sensitive souls wanna be truly offended , Check out Skunkbaits 'ible " How to recognize hillbillys" !! Right up there with Jeff Foxworthy's " You might be a redneck if..." stand up routine !!!
As a fellow CANADIAN I am shamed that you forgot we ride beavers to work EH! And that we J-Walk ALL THE TIME Because we can get patched up by FREE Healthcare... And you forgot the Triple Triple coffee
As a Canadian I find this pretty funny, and am amazed anyone is offended. For those of you who think this is making fun of Canadians you are either not really a Canadian or out of touch. If this article makes fun of anybody it is Americans.
Sadly, it seems to be all too accurate the further south ya go. I've been chatting with people from the southern-er parts of the continental US and been able to convince them that yes, we drive dogsleds to work, and it's hard having to chip the ice off the sleds in the morning before we even get our timmie's. ~adamvan2000
Yeah, I agree. Hilarious!
i went to a footbal game and us tems came to canada and they had a sign saying welcome to canada eh
. Then, as an American, I am offended. I'm not sure <em>what</em> I'm offended by - I thought it was pretty funny, too - but I'm definitely offended. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOzG7bBylRo">Blame Canada!</a> &lt;snicker&gt;<br/>
If the frostbite is due to sticking one's tongue to a flagpole, afraid no-one can help you!
Speaking as a real-life Canadian, why the heck'd ya wanna get rid of the wild taste: that's why ya go ta all the trouble ta get moose meat ta begin with, Eh? Moose don't grow on trees ya'know! (Not directly, anyhow.) Seriously, very lean: You want to brown it in some oil before roasting...
&lt;--- Canadian ;)<br/><br/>Yay canada!!! The Tim hortons tips are *very* important lol. There's a &quot;timmies&quot;/&quot;timmy hoes&quot; on every corner.<br/>
Had to speak up' Dont forget $5/gallon gas, $10 for smokes, $45 for 40oz of rye, 30% over charge on any thing that can be bought in the USA. But FREE HEALTH CARE!
we use liters not gallons you american. follow the rest of the world, get with the program and go METRIC!

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