How to Be Jem From Jem the Holograms for Halloween





Introduction: How to Be Jem From Jem the Holograms for Halloween

Jem is truly outrageous truly truly truly outrageous.

Jem and the Holograms was my favorite 1980's cartoon ever so I have decided to be Jem for Halloween this year.

Here is my slideshow on my costume Jem. This is my favorite holiday and I love to get a head start and plan months in advance!!

I took a very basic wrap dress pattern - angled the bottom skirt and found this amazing pink fabric.

The belt / sash was drawn out on newspaper as a pattern then I sewed the details on my hand.

I used 2 pink wigs which I sewed together to get the layered look of Jems hair and the earring were made from hot pink baking clay - although they did not light up.

I am ready for this best HALLOWEEN EVER - 2008 Happy Haunting



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    You made a great costume!  My mom and I worked together to make a Jem costume this year and we used your picture along with some of the cartoon shots as a guide (and a dress pattern of course). I was disappointed to find out there's hardly any big pink wigs out there so I'm off to the craft store last minute to try and improve the one I purchased.  Your Jem wig is definitely the closest to the Jem's hair that I've seen.  Very helpful and thanks for sharing!

    OMG thanks so much !!!!

    Here is what I did to make the wig  -  I took 2 pink wigs - cut one to into different pieces then I sewed it onto the other wig. I had my dear sweet husband set in a chair ( while watching he sports - of course ) with one of the wigs on while I sewed the pieces to that one. I made sure that I sewed alot to the top of the wig to give it the height that I wanted. Once all the pieces were sewed on - I then cut the different layers. I"not a hair hair stylist by any means but I just tried to layer it like I see when I get my own hair cut at a salon.

    Good luck!!!!! I would love to see pictures of your finished product- send them to me !!!

    I will definitely send you some pictures! Thank you!

    Really well done! How fun! I am having a hard time finding a good wig for my Jem costume. Where did you find yours??? I love it! Thanks.

    That is truly outrageous!

    I just put up a slide show for my Jem costume too, but I gotta say your abilities are far beyond mine. I can't believe you made those earrings! Awesome! I bought my earrings as I can never make that clay stuff work for me. Have great Halloween!

    Wow ... that's truly outrageous! truly, truly, truly outrageous!

    Man, I hated that cartoon ... my kid sister insisted on watching it. Good job on the costume, though - I knew who you were supposed to be just from the photo ... did I mention that my sister watched it incessantly?

    Cause this is only the beginning, Only the beginning! I'm going to be Jem too! Already have my hair, now I'm on a mission to find pink earrings. Looks great!

    I am doing Jem this year too. I got mine on ebay. There are a few people that make good replicas and some of them glow in the dark (like mine) or blink.

    ur a hottie, too! " we are the misfits, the misfits, and we're gonna gitcha"