How to Be Jem From Jem the Holograms for Halloween





Introduction: How to Be Jem From Jem the Holograms for Halloween

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Jem is truly outrageous truly truly truly outrageous.

Jem and the Holograms was my favorite 1980's cartoon ever so I have decided to be Jem for Halloween this year.

Here is my slideshow on my costume Jem. This is my favorite holiday and I love to get a head start and plan months in advance!!

I took a very basic wrap dress pattern - angled the bottom skirt and found this amazing pink fabric.

The belt / sash was drawn out on newspaper as a pattern then I sewed the details on my hand.

I used 2 pink wigs which I sewed together to get the layered look of Jems hair and the earring were made from hot pink baking clay - although they did not light up.

I am ready for this best HALLOWEEN EVER - 2008 Happy Haunting



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    You made a great costume!  My mom and I worked together to make a Jem costume this year and we used your picture along with some of the cartoon shots as a guide (and a dress pattern of course). I was disappointed to find out there's hardly any big pink wigs out there so I'm off to the craft store last minute to try and improve the one I purchased.  Your Jem wig is definitely the closest to the Jem's hair that I've seen.  Very helpful and thanks for sharing!

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    OMG thanks so much !!!!

    Here is what I did to make the wig  -  I took 2 pink wigs - cut one to into different pieces then I sewed it onto the other wig. I had my dear sweet husband set in a chair ( while watching he sports - of course ) with one of the wigs on while I sewed the pieces to that one. I made sure that I sewed alot to the top of the wig to give it the height that I wanted. Once all the pieces were sewed on - I then cut the different layers. I"not a hair hair stylist by any means but I just tried to layer it like I see when I get my own hair cut at a salon.

    Good luck!!!!! I would love to see pictures of your finished product- send them to me !!!

    I will definitely send you some pictures! Thank you!

    Really well done! How fun! I am having a hard time finding a good wig for my Jem costume. Where did you find yours??? I love it! Thanks.

    That is truly outrageous!

    I just put up a slide show for my Jem costume too, but I gotta say your abilities are far beyond mine. I can't believe you made those earrings! Awesome! I bought my earrings as I can never make that clay stuff work for me. Have great Halloween!

    Wow ... that's truly outrageous! truly, truly, truly outrageous!

    Man, I hated that cartoon ... my kid sister insisted on watching it. Good job on the costume, though - I knew who you were supposed to be just from the photo ... did I mention that my sister watched it incessantly?

    Cause this is only the beginning, Only the beginning! I'm going to be Jem too! Already have my hair, now I'm on a mission to find pink earrings. Looks great!

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    I am doing Jem this year too. I got mine on ebay. There are a few people that make good replicas and some of them glow in the dark (like mine) or blink.

    ur a hottie, too! " we are the misfits, the misfits, and we're gonna gitcha"

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    Thanks!!! Can't wait for HALLOWEEN!!

    You're great!!!!!!!! :D Long life to Jem! SHOWTIME,ENERGY!!!!! Hugs from Italy!

    cool beans!!!!!!!! my sister loved this cartoon when we were kids

    Looks awesome!
    You could add even more hair on top of the wig - as I recall, their hair was huge.