This will teach you how to be a skater without being a poser.

Step 1: Clothes

Hat (Element, DC, ect.)
T-shirt (with a Element, DC, Vans, Baker, ect. logo) and/or Flannel
Jeans or Gym Shorts
Skate Shoes (DCs, Vans, Enties, Fallens, Nike 6.0, Nike SBs, DVS etc.)

Step 2: Talking

Here is a little skater-speak dictionary.

Only choose 5 or 10 of them. I use poser, chud, armor, beast, skater chick, lid, carving and

Poser - A wanna-be skater

Armor - pads

Beast - awesome

Acid Drop - a drop used to skate, ollie, kickflip, etc. down

Skater Chick- a girl that skates

Spore- a new skater

Stunt dubz- someone who does the same trick as someone else to show they can do it

Nose- front of deck

Chud- uneven pavement

Lid- helment or hat

Scrape- Rental equipment

Oil check- purposly moving to the side before a trick

Grommet or grom- novice skater

Vannila- no thrills

Skid-lid- helment

carving- skating in an arc or back and forth

Perp- pedestrian

Tweak- pain caused by getting served

Step 3: How Not to Be a Poser

-Don't use the same brand as somebody else just because they used it.
-Don't wear your skater clothes 24/7.
-Don't lie on what you can and can't do.
-Don't Brag
-Don't Suck (practice)

Step 4: Practice

    Practice skating, go to the skatepark. Learn all sorts of ways to skate and tricks. Check out my other instructable on Ollies .
I see where your trying to go with this but I think being a skater is a state of mind brother. Ive been skating since 1980 and I guess either you are OR are not a skater. I have several friends that are pros now (not naming names) its not what you ride its that you ride. Dont hate on a &quot;poser&quot; instead introduce yourself and show him/her some tricks to learn. When I was growing in the skate world there were us and them. I was picked on by everyone who was NOT a skater. Remember, We are all on the same team. <br> <br>Good Luck Awesume <br> <br>Now get off the computer and go skate!
This is total bs. Skate, nuff said.
I've been skating for... since 1993. I wear a helmet, button up shirts or sleeveless, dickies or board shorts. <br><br>Posers are anyone who wants to be something for reasons other than there own. <br><br>The only words I use are Nose, Tweak, Skater Chick, and Perp, but we spell it Purp and refer something else... <br><br>To be a skater, one just needs to skate. Duh. I skate with a vast array of people. If we were all the same, we'd be sheep follow fads.
Your a poser.
*you're :~)
Whatever dude I just quickly typed it out.<br><br>Yes, I meant you're.
Half of these are not accurate.
yah same here yo sk8rforlife whats likeyour home park man, mines millz---mellenium
haha i think poser is the only one of those i know :) haha
who cares what you wear as long as you rip!
you can wear your skate clothes any time you want im a skater and all i wear is skate clothes
Under step 3 you forgot one...<br><br>-Don't write an instructable on how to skate!
Check the title again bro. It's not &quot;How to Skate&quot; - it's &quot;How to be Like a Skater&quot;. Don't know about you, but that equals &quot;poser&quot; in my book.
I missed that one all together. You make a good point.

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