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To transform into Smurfette, follow the steps below:

1. Get your outfit together
* White dress - it should poof out at the bottom
* White heels
* Long blonde hair (or wig) with big volume/ soft waves
* Blue false eyelashes
2. Make the hat
* Get white material and sew it together
* It should droop over at the top
* Fill it with fluff
3. Paint your body
* Liquid latex blue paint - allow ample time to dry
* It's best to have someone help you paint so you don't have to bend while it is drying
* It will stick to itself and rip off so be careful

The liquid latex looks wet when its dry and is legally considered as clothing!
This will turn heads!!!


Thainna Jubiry Rios (author)2013-09-12

Cool..Lets Smurf together lol I have a video on the makeup I Did for a smurfette inspired look .check it out..

juicymoose (author)2012-04-22

Very um.. Erm... Blue ?

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