Picture of How to be a Great White Hunter in the privacy of your own home.
Never mind trapping.

Never mind zapping.

It's much more satisfying to hunt the annoying flies down one at a time and give them what they deserve.

Personal, like.

Step 1: Choose your weapon

Picture of Choose your weapon

The weapon of choice for the seasoned fly hunter is the broad rubber band. Narrow rubber bands can work, but carry much less energy, so are more likely to simply scare the prey off. Like shooting at a tiger with a BB gun, although the fly is less likely to turn round and take your arm off.

When using the bands, the universally-approved method is to hook the band over the tip of the index finger of your favoured hand, and pull it taught with the other, so that the band will fly wherever you point, and you can even sight along your arm and finger.

However, there is still some debate regarding length - longer bands are heavier, but shorter bands travel more quickly.

Pith helmets are optional.
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Kiteman (author)  the weapon smith2 years ago
Thank you!
alexf12 years ago
Look up the bug assault on youtube. Its made for hunting bugs.
alexf12 years ago
Very good instructable. This is a much cheaper way to get rid of pest.
alexf12 years ago
I should start keeping score
Kiteman (author)  alexf12 years ago
I do amateur taxidermy, so could i be a fly taxidermist?
Kiteman (author)  CandyCaneGirl7 years ago
I'm not sure there's much to actually stuff - it's more drying and mounting, but I'm sure there's some skill cross-over.
that be a fly taxi, whick is kinda of old ny slang, meening cool, ""fly " that is.. Flty was replaced by phaat, and or maybe dope. Phaat was at least 10 years ago, not sure wgat the slang is today, iy was 'bad" a while back too.

back to the op and ble, good info on the rear take off, i am having a problem ith the clod weather onset. i think they are in the walls of the apartment building, i did foam seal all the lock openings of the clodset doors, i always felt a real strong wing coming out of them on windy days. i am on the fifth floor of a six story. I has also arcrylic caulked all the cracks i saw in the closet a while back. Alll the reading about bed bugs a year ago freaked me out, plus once i had a smoker downstairs and my closet and clothes smelled like cigarettes, which i hate. I tried traps like for yellow kackets, never caught one fly, flypaper is the only thing that has worked.. i am talking maybe 10 total, now about three, but i hate them. the guy at the hardware store told me he used a air pistol,no pellets, just the air, and it worked well. i only have a ,177 cal r pellet rifle. it pumps up very powerful, 2 pumps has knocked them out of the air, for close combat, affix fly swatter!, but they are usually too close and never land. i have been thinking of trying salt, to see if it works like a shotgun, and can hit them across the room. i also have lasers standing by too.
kros59203 years ago
I like it its very creative
Kiteman (author)  kros59203 years ago
Thank you!
Vendigroth8 years ago
I try and flick them out of the air with a towel. Get everything just right, and the flick'd end of the towel (moving remarkably quick) hits the fly and either stuns it, and smashes it against the nearest planar surface, of kills it outright.
Kiteman (author)  Vendigroth8 years ago
I tried that first. We used to have a vase on the mantlepiece...
Here's an idea- cut a rubber band so it no longer a loop- just an elastic strip, and tape a small tightly taped wad of paper or something to the end. hold the loose end in one hand, then pull back the ball on the end with the other. Release the ball while still holding the elastic end. this works quite well.
used to have a vase on the mantelpiece lol
LOL great instructable
Kiteman (author)  Hawkeye Lyles5 years ago
A good name7 years ago
It's so much easier to just let a fat white guy run through your house while you run at him with a rifle yelling "Remember the Alamo!"
Rishnai7 years ago
I didn't know flys took off backwards, and thus would fly toward the shot for a split second. That's handy! Kind of like the fact that rattlesnakes will strike at a hot bullet meant for them...
ll.138 years ago
I'd go for a BB gun. or maybe air rifle.
bowmaster ll.137 years ago
Why not a REAL shotgun?
An AEG would be awesome. My brother and I hunted hornets once with BB pistols
I have a homemade rubberband sniper that will be perfect for killing things and might come on instructables soon :)
i dont know how but my grandfather rip he used to catch flies with chopsticks it was crazy
I like to go for mosquitos, they're smaller, and harder to hit, but also dumber, and they aren't as evolved as flies(don't always flay away when the elastic band misses) and this is soooo much fun, I love fly hunting :)
the ones i seen down here are huge!! there about 1 inch there freaky
Kiteman (author)  Nalydorthebuilder7 years ago
Mozzies are too easy - you just walk up, clap your hands and then wipe them off your palm.
or, we can all go hunting hornets and bees with our airsoft guns. thats fun, plus it add a little more realism to the huntin scenario: the prey fights back.
tosplant7 years ago
Great advice. I didn't know that flies take off backwards.
hey, I've got some tips, if your good at "stalking" the flies, and can get really close, then use this to your advantage, go for the "shotgun"(use like 4 or 5 elastics and kill those bastards!)also, the shorter the band is, the faster it flies, but shorter bands weigh less... So it all depends!
Very Similar to the get drunk and go to walmart to buy airsoft guns and then shoot flies thing. Except this probably doesnt result in holes in walls, welts, or lost eyes. Oh and your room mates girlfriend leaving him cause he is immature.
I prefer the electric fly swatter method. It is fun to watch the little buggers burst into flames after they get caught in the grid.
Wahahaha! My wife would love that thing!
3$ at Harbor Freight.
Have you tried getting shocked by it?
Yes and like all electric shocks it can be described in one word ... tingly.
Kiteman (author)  Tetranitrate8 years ago
That's not quite the word my pupils use after they've been subjected to my Van Der Graaf ...
Hmmm... a teacher giving lessons on how to shoot rubber bands around... That's a new one.
Maybe I was oversimplifying.

High Voltage AC electric shocks = tingly
High Voltage DC electric shocks = sharp & pointy
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