Picture of How to be a Headcrab Zombie
In this instructable I will teach you how to be a headcrab zombie from the game "half life 2"
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Step 1: Things required

Picture of Things required
There's some stuff needed to be a headcrab zombie, the things required are:
a headcrab hat (or any headcrab that can fit on your head)
a blood-stained white long sleve shirt
a blood-stained pair of blue jeans

you can get fake blood at any halloween store or you can make it yourself (there are instructables on how to make fake blood).

Step 2: Blood staining

To blood stain the clothes first pour some blood in a cup. Then for the heavily stained places pour some blood in your hands and rub the blood onto the spot where you want it. Then for not-so heavily stained places just dip your fingers in the cup and splash it on the clothes.

Step 3: Walk like a headcrab zombie

Picture of Walk like a headcrab zombie
The headcrab zombie has a special walk, sort of like a limp

here is a video of headcrab zombies

Step 4: Talk like a headcrab zombie

Picture of Talk like a headcrab zombie
headcrab zombies talk in a very special way, these are some of the lines they say.
yabba, my light meh
huh hoy

heres a video of the sounds headcrab zombies make

Step 5: You're all done

Picture of You're all done
you are now officially a certified headcrab zombie.
now go scare your friends.
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lseeley3 years ago
portal 2 is real
yep. i have it
The Cake is A Lie
lol wrong game
I wuz talkin about Portal but THEY ARE BOTH in The Orange Box (late reply)but
Portal and Half-Life are two way different games xD
actually no their not Play HL2 Ep 2 on the end........... Aperture Science Boat
THey happen in the same uneverse but are completly different (I finally got to rent them both IN 1 WEEKEND!!! ^_^
yea, GLaDOS talks about black mesa a bit too, I think the Aperture science place and Black Mesa are rivals.
rumor says portal 2 will connect with the HL universe.
I just heard a rumor that Portal 2 was just a prank to make people forget about Episode 3 for a while and Ep. 3 will be announced at E3 instead of Portal 2 (Here's hoping thats not true)
snipeyouout (author)  Duct Tape Dude4 years ago
No both of them will be coming out, there's an article about portal 2 in game informer
yeah.i had the game but i got rid of it.
this may be reviving an old topic but...

If you have played through the whole half life 2 series so far (hl2, hl2 episode 1, hl2 episode 2) you will learn part way through episode two that black mesa and aperture science are rivals (i dont want to spoil anything so i wont say any more)

Well then, I guess I was right xD
The carbine is mentioned in the portal. somewhere
You mean the combine right?
uhh yeah. sorry
wheres my crowbar when i need it?
Peter20113 years ago
where can you get/make a headcrab hat??
here is the link :

thats where i got mine.
this is a awesome half life 2 instructable.

and great for halloween
sniper shot5 years ago
cuz im almost 12
really? im almost 12 too!
I'm Calling Gordon LOL
lseeley3 years ago
its not yabba my light meh or yabba my icing its yeh man i like me
Kaiven4 years ago
Oh, the memories from half life.
afiq27 Kaiven4 years ago
Actually he's saying " Oh God, Help me, put me out" or even sometimes " Oh, why!! Are you crazy i'm still alive in here!!" hahaha
fire bat4 years ago
i can not give you my license officer, because you are head crab zombie!
catfacepip4 years ago
actually, it's not "yabba my light meh", it's yabba my icing XD well, that's what's used in youtube vids and stuff like that
slywolf285 years ago
whoa. bottom picture, what is that? that doesnt look like a zombie from half life 2. (i know its from half life i just mean that doesnt look like an original zombie)
thats a Zom-bine. from episode 1
its a hl2 beta zombie the you can download the beta just goto youtube and search how to dload it
mikey2884 years ago
or thinkgeek
Hill05 years ago
Your should put "..heacrab zombie from the half-life game series"

P.S Where'd you get headcrab hat? =D
Everybody wondering where to get the hat...heres the link!.html
on important thing they say is YABBA MY ICING when there on fire
JBowmanDIY4 years ago
if you listen to it backwards, you can hear "oh god please help me!" and stuff like that. Not only is it creepy, but it's sad. :,(
bounty10125 years ago
we need more Half-Life instructables.

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