This is my first instructible, so I hope you like it. I have decided to make this instructible about how to be a mad scientist (as you can tell from the title); I am also thinking about entering the Mad Science Fair, so wish me luck.

This instructible is intended for comical uses only; I am not liable for any shenanigans, tomfoolery, or anything that may happen if people try to be a REAL mad scientist. Enjoy! Muhahahaha!

Step 1: Attire

The first thing as a new mad scientist is that you have to have the right cloths.

The cloths that you will need are:

·         A lab coat                           (doesn’t matter what color but preferably white)

·         White shirt and pants        (with additional stains from past experiments)

·         Black tie

·         Dorky shoes                       (all scientists have weird shoes, right?)

·         Goggles                              (to protect your eyes from experiments)

One more thing to ensure a mad scientist look is to have crazy hair (kinda like Albert Einstein, not that I’m saying Albert Einstein is a mad scientist or anything…)

Best Mad Scientist Things: <br> <br>High Voltage! (Tesla Coils,Jacob's Ladders,Vacuum Tubes,CRTS,etc! <br>Fire and Flames! <br>Lasers and Light! <br>Machinery/Clockwork... (Giant Doomsday Clock?....Giant Drill of Doom?) <br>(Name everything either with Doom,giant,terrifying,etc in it's name) z <br>Minions... (Not those cute ones from that movie, Despicable Me...) <br>Animals... Lab and pets... <br>Lab Glassware, Bunsen Burners (e.g the fire), and various odd/suspicious chemicals. <br>Radiological/Neurological/Toxic Weapons/Devices/Barrels of:
Opps! I forgot! <br>You will need a large power source! <br>Lightning works, though a nuclear reactor (esp. fusion arc one) is way cooler... <br>Also needed: <br>Unlimited supply of money, or someway of getting people to give you stuff (e.g Mind Control) <br> <br>Prerequisites for Being A Mad Scientist: <br>A love for music (preferably classical or anything dramatic) <br>A love for Knowledge is A MUST! <br> <br>(Optionally, though quite helpfully) <br>A love for CHAOS! <br>A disregard for humanity, society, and (everyone else's) safety. <br> <br>Though the MOST IMPORTANT thing to being a mad scientist: <br>The Laugh... (Yes, laugh with a capital &quot;L&quot;) <br>
You forgot the evil laugh <br> <br> <br>Mwahahahahahahahaha <br>
If you don't have lighting, you can always make your own with a nice testla coil, jacobs ladder, etc. In fact, a gratuitous testla coil or two lying around can enhance any evil lab's decor.<br>
true, so true
And of course don't forget to heat your coffee, tea, soup or other hot liquid refreshments in a beaker over a bunson burner flame.<br>
yea, what mad scientist doesnt have coffee in the morning? you have to heat up food somehow, why not use a bunsen burner (but dont forget the mini flamethrower)
Ooooohhhhh yes and an upcycled radioactive materials container. Coffee goes nuclear.<br>
Don't forget to work on your evil laugh and drink copious amounts of Dr. Pepper (the preferred drink of all quirky geniuses). You also need some sort of secret hideout, with your ultimate goal a giant base in the shape of a skull, ideally on a deserted island.<br> <br> Optional but awesome checklist:<br> <br> _ Kidnap attractive female for non-experimental purposes<br> _ Make half-pony, half monkey monster<br> _ Code-name all plans after various parts of Norse mythology<br> _ Add &quot;of Doom&quot; to the end of all objects in your lab, right down to the spoons<br> _ Goofy Bond-villain traps, including lasers, tanks of sharks/piranhas, acid, etc.<br> _ A rival &quot;good&quot; scientist, either dead or alive
awesome checklist, and also i love to freak my friends out with my evil laugh!
Don't forget RANDOM ACTS OF MAYHEM!!!! BWA- HA-HA!!!
Evil sandwiches and mad scientist cats that are also ninjas sound good to me!
A Jacob's Ladder (or Tesla Coil) is an absolute necessity for any fully equipped mad scientist laboratory.<br>
Ooh, I like the sound of that. Yes, I vote for the Tesla Coil!
I'm sure it's not necessary, but every mad scientist I know has 1.21 gigawatts on standby.

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