This step by step instructable will help you become more in tune with your inner rebellious side while being able to keep it real while living within the system (and the comforts of your daily life).

warning: this instructable is not for the light hearted. following these instructions will create turmoil within your daily life practices, make your friends think that you are strange, psychotic, or unnecessarily aggressive towards the ever omnipotent "Man," and with the right amount of precision and perfection, has the ability to land you on the US Official Terrorist Watch List (or on the outs of whatever mean girls clique you happen to be rocking currently).

Step 1: Posting Counter-Surveillance Stickers

social deviancy: posting anarchist stickers such as these, reminding the public of their lack of privacy from the US Government, facilitates in undermining the ever expanding control of the Department of Homeland Security.

mediocre factor: after posting these stickers, you are likely to venture into the Urban Outfitters which is conveniently located right behind you and proceed with your usual day.

courtesey of www.crimethinc.com
<p>Actually helpful - +10 Red-blue multireligional fake euros.</p><p>Helps the so-called &quot;feminists&quot; (Not actual feminists, just man haters) -1 Red-blue multireligional fake euro.</p><p>Helps me- +1 Red-blue multireligional fake euro.</p><p>TOTAL: 11 RED-BLUE MULTIRELIGONAL FAKE EUROS.</p><p>Score: 11</p>
just buy the knockoffs ;)
you might want to avoid urban outfitters for some of these reasons: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/reasons-why-urban-outfitters-is-the-worst<br>mostly # 9,10, 12, and 16<br>
I don't think converses actually make you look ''socially deviant'' they just make your feet sweaty... They do look good on basically anyone tough!
dont bother bieng a social deviant just be who you are and ignore society.
I like your instructable! its given my anarchist side some good ideas! I think I am on my way to at least be a lame anarchist now! ............ you know maybe I should not leave a comment ... I think "the man" is watchin this site ........ where is the cancel button?........... oh! no ! that was the post comment button!
Haha, awesome post.&nbsp; A final step might be to write an instructable....
do you have a tinfoil hat?<br />
or a pyramid hat<br />
actually this is one of many reason that probably and hopefully in a couple of months Im gonna be living on a trailer&nbsp;:P.<br /> cool stuff<br />
Remember that it is not only done by the US goverment! but by most goverments ;)<br />
Stuff consumerist cliche converse, get a pair of adbusters sweet spot shoes
Yup! Black Spot for Con's.
for sure :) ya i have heard those are amazing, thanks for the post
And how about not using a credit card (I've never owned one), avoiding multinational brands as much as possible (a hard one admittedly), working off the books (not easy these days), and selling your tv?
Wearing Converse and AA is just pandering to branding and multinationals, cogs in the very system that social deviancy should be fighting against. These and other companies have just co-opted the rebellious image or taken the path of least resistance in making themselves more acceptable and should NOT be included in anything like this. Apart from that there's some cool ideas here. I cycle, have dumpster dived, used food co-op's and have never shaved my legs... :D
American Apparel isn't "sweatshop free." They dropped that bit of info from their advertising a while ago, when they were being investigated for unfair labor/wage practices-- not because they were TOLD to, but so they could dodge the bullet of people saying "they were told to stop saying that." They're regularly investigated for sexual harassment, racial discrimination and unfair pay practices. The social awareness/"Legalize LA" thing is just a smokescreen so the "hip" zombie kids won't realize they're paying a premium not for premium quality, but to support an image. It's a scam. Sources are everywhere on this one, reputable ones at that-- it's a matter of public record. Now, gang, here's the real question: do I mean what I just said, or am I being a social deviant against the "mediocre social deviant" depicted in the above? Ah, life.
Mad crazy awesome! Keep up the good work stranger.
thanks man! i will consider another creating more blissful sarcasm for the masses if further inspired to, but i created this one for an art assignment :) thanks for the post peace
Wow, a how-to on being a hippie.
lovin' the mediocre qualification
you go girl!!
I believe that Converse was purchase by Nike a few years ago. &quot;On July 9, 2003, the company accepted a $305 million purchase offer from rival Nike.&quot; <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Converse_(shoe_company)">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Converse_(shoe_company)</a> Does this still fit the image that you are portraying as a Mediocre Social Deviant?<br/><br/>Oh, BTW those look like sandals being used for the dumpster diving. Wouldn't a pair of Chuck Taylor's be a little better suited?<br/><br/>
Haha the irony is great, break the rule by following these rules and merely conforming to the subculture. Lol, I like it though, tight bike btw.
I agree, sadly I think this will be missed by many.
how about using instructables to make your own consumer goods/repairing 'thrown out' stuff...
Do you? L

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