Step 10: Dumpster Diving

Picture of Dumpster Diving
social deviancy: by obtaining your food, clothing, or other daily life materials from the left-overs that normal consumers disregard as waste, you are releasing yourself from the consumer cycle that is taking over our lifestyles and creating an unsustainable planet for us to live on.

mediocre factor: the dumpster is still within the system, contrary to anarchists ideals, therefore still contributing to the maintenance of the system's cycle. Better to starve.
p0g0685 years ago
I like your instructable! its given my anarchist side some good ideas! I think I am on my way to at least be a lame anarchist now! ............ you know maybe I should not leave a comment ... I think "the man" is watchin this site ........ where is the cancel button?........... oh! no ! that was the post comment button!
teeps p0g0685 years ago
Haha, awesome post.  A final step might be to write an instructable....
bendog38 p0g0685 years ago