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How to be a coooool ninja in 10 easy steps.

Step 1: Step 1: Seek a Dojo

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Inorder to find your Sensei

but ninjas aren't climbing walls?

NinjaJoker1 year ago

Ninjas are special. They fight with a mix of karate, judo and aikido. Some say these were made from ninjutsu. Ninjas also do not challenge others for fun. They are spies, masters of stealth and evasion. Their use as assassins is true, but they were largely information gatherers. Their skills are meant to aid them in escape.

lmsvv3 years ago
Ninjas barely ever used Nunchaku they are from okinawa and ninjas were based mainly around the iga mountains.
falconepic3 years ago
lol awesome cat picture
EmcySquare3 years ago
My version in 3 stesps:

1) get a new good videogame
2) play and practice
3) repeat when bored.