Introduction: How to Be a Cyber Pirate!

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I am not responsible for any legal issues ;P

Step 1: Download and Install a Torrent Client

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I don't know which one you want personally I prefer uTorrent

Step 2: Searching for a Torrent

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The biggest problem with torrents is that people don't always seed, these people are referred to as leechers.

I usually go to or

once you get there pick something you would like to have; software, music, movies, books, "illegal" documents(i.e. The Anarchists Cook Book - yes its technically illegal because you have to put yourself on a registrar upon purchase.), etc

Step 3: Selecting Your Torrent

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in the image below we have several options, your best two options are outlined in red.
First off we choose our best options from the title of the torrent, the two I have selected both have detailed titles, one even going so far as to explain how it was made, the other giving the authors name (which is accurate), both give the title of the book and the year it was published.

to narrow down our choice we then look at the seeds, this is highlighted in bright green, and the leechers which is hilighted in blue

The first torrent: The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell(1971){badluck13_7} has 7 seeds, and 0 leechers. This is okay, but before we select this torrent we will check the next

The second torrent: The Anarchist Cookbook (1971 book scanned) the ORIGINAL book has 43 seeds and 0 leechers, this makes the second torrent your best choice. dclick the torrents title

On this screen you will want to read the comments for any complications with the download

Step 4: Downloading

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Click the download link, and it will download the .torrent file which should automatically open with uTorrent, or your chosen application, and begin to download. Congratulations, you just downloaded your first torrent and are on your way to being a pirate. Now Remember seed do not leech


arshdeeps (author)2015-09-14

Download the stuff WARNING : Don't Upload or you will be in cuffs

arshdeeps (author)2015-09-14

Pirate:Any last wishes

Suspect : I just want to tell that I seed torrents

Pirate: Bye :)

The Dark Lord (author)2013-05-06

People, it's very, very, unlikely the cops will be at your doorstep if you do this.

They go after the guys who distribute copyrighted things in mass amounts, not the guys who download them.

Everett_McKinley (author)2012-02-01

Hey I downloaded the anarchy cook book a few years ago and found it full of lies.
I'm not saying its a bad book, its just over half the stuff is outdated and the rest either doesn't work or is useless.

just say'in...

georion (author)Everett_McKinley2012-09-04

Yeah,,, just think of the peeps thats spent GOOD money for that (also some of the stuff is Dagerous becuse they dont tell you enough !!!!!!!!!!!!

tsukiyomaru0 (author)2010-08-25

Screw it being illegal! If every country was fair to each other, we wouldn't need to pirate to get some good stuff. (Also, FYI, it's okay to download a torrent, iso or rom of something you have, like: If you have an origial Castlevania Symphony of the Night, then you can download and keep the iso.)

RedFlash (author)2009-05-29

Don't you think that that is a tiny weeny little bit illegal? P.S. I don't wanting authorities turning up at the doorstep only because I downloaded something

tinkerC (author)RedFlash2009-07-13

They don't turn up, but it is way illegal.

RedFlash (author)tinkerC2009-07-18

thought so... lol

tinkerC (author)RedFlash2009-07-19

But it is free. So is stealing, but what happens if you put your jewels out the front door for people to model their cuff-links off of them? That is torrenting.

chibiwind (author)tinkerC2009-11-19

a good analogy but not quite right, wouldn't hold up in court if you claimed this it would go under plagiarism and with big companies it could be a lot worse than theft.

RedFlash (author)tinkerC2009-07-23


maxpower49 (author)2009-09-27

how likely are you to get in trouble for this

junits15 (author)maxpower492009-09-28

not very likley

red-king (author)junits152009-10-23

 still illegal.

tuckerton296 (author)2009-09-15

don't seed and you can't be traced

ikoda (author)2008-12-14

I tried to download spore there my computer said "17 days, 9 hours, and something seconds" (my computer is 9 years old.)

instructors (author)ikoda2008-12-16

Spore is a pretty big game, probably a couple gigs, on my network it would probably take a day or too to download it, so I would be downloading files like that

bondlouis (author)instructors2008-12-16

Size does not matter, ha ha I myself find that funny but no really it doesn't matter. I once had a download of the nightmare before Christmas going (702mb) and a download of Halo 2 going (4.28GB) at the same time, Halo 2 was done downloading within a few hours and I had it installed and running on my computer in about an hour after downloading, the nightmare before Christmas didn't finish downloading for another 3 days. Everything depends on peers

mrmoneybagss (author)bondlouis2009-08-16

it depends on your network and/or peers

check out my instructable SPEED UP UTORRENT

bondlouis (author)ikoda2008-12-15

What is your internet connection like, if you don't know you can find out by going here:
9 years is pretty old, I would be surprised if the HDD on that thing exceeds 20GB (assuming that everything in your box is stock).
How many seeds were listed on the torrents page, also keep in mind that just because its listed as that many seeds doesn't mean you will have that many people seeding constantly.

tinkerC (author)bondlouis2009-07-13

Well, I have a 10 GB internal drive, and a 500GB external drive.

tinkerC (author)ikoda2009-07-13

That is your net connection. Mine is ten, and it does 2 GB in five hours.

mikethescot (author)2009-05-19

seed do not leach is that an option on the download screen? or am i missing somthing :P

bondlouis (author)mikethescot2009-05-19

No your not, in order to not leech all you have to do is keep the .torrent file after you have successfully downloading its contents, that way people can download the files from you when ever you have your chosen torrent app open as well as everyone else who is seeding the files.

flabob (author)2009-04-22

Personally, I think is the best, but thats the one Ive started with and I have yet to change, probably

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