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Rapping can be traced back to Africa  centuries before hip hop music existed, the griots of west Africa were delivering rhythmic poetry over drums and other instrumentation. Rap or Hip Hop in its purest form is essentially poetry that is performed with a beat.Throughout this insrtuctable I will give you all the necessary steps to become a good rapper. If  you follow all the steps necessary you could be making rap classics in no time.
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Step 1: Do your homework!

Picture of Do your homework!
To become a great rapper you have to take notes from the greats and see what makes them special. Instead of listening to verses from your favorite rappers, take time out to sit and dissect their lyrics. Often time we hear a line in a song that we really like, but have you ever wondered as to why you thought that line was so amazing? Or what literary device was utilized? You can't perfect something if you don't understand it. Also, it is important to understand and respect the history of rap, even if the times have changed.

Step 2: Practice make perfect!

Picture of Practice make perfect!
Every great rap artist had to practice to be where they are today. When you first begin to write it may be frustrating because your rhymes don't come out sounding like anything off Jay Z's album. It is vital to understand that when you first begin to write your lyrics WILL suck. Nobody sounds like Nas their first time writing a rap. It takes time and patience and after a while you notice that you are gradually becoming better. Eventually you will develop as a artist, but you have to practice as often as possible.
8bitMisfit1 year ago
Hey this has nothing to do about being Chuck D...
shaudy_ (author)  8bitMisfit1 year ago
Lol ill dedicate an instructable to him
neo716651 year ago
good crapper????
shaudy_ (author)  neo716651 year ago
Which step?
Excellent Instrucable! probably one of the most original topics I have found on here.
shaudy_ (author)  BilltheCatACK1 year ago
stubbsonic1 year ago
Fascinating. Much of this applies to other art forms as well. Great instructable. Might be a little edgy for "the whole family", but I get what you mean. Thanks.
lelefry991 year ago
Be a good rapper? Impossible!