Picture of How to be a morning person, and have more time for yourself!

Do you hate getting up in the morning? 
Does the sound of your alarm clock set you in panic, dry sweats, and almost bring you to tears each morning?
Do you hate people that are happy and chipper early in the morning?
Do you need to have at least two cups of coffee before you can even acknowledge the day each morning?
Do you wish there was a way to make getting up easier?
Do you wish you had more time to get things done during the day?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, this ‘ible is for you.

Please note, I’m not a doctor, I never played one on TV, I didn’t even stay in a Holiday Inn last night, so please use this only as a guide and seek professional help for any problems or issues you may have.

With that said, I have been in the US Army for over 20 years and been deployed all over.  During my time, 0300 (3am) wakeups were the norm.  I remember cheering once when we were told that we could “sleep in” to 0400!

Over time, I’ve learned plenty of tricks for dealing with early mornings.  Some from trial and error, some from actual research I’ve done in the past.

So here goes…

Thanks. There's hope for me to see 6:00 TWICE a day. LOL!
kokosalexa2 years ago
I LOVE you man.
malka13 years ago
my instructable can complement yours. Thank you!!
Thank you, I'll follow your advice :) Now that I think about it, I used to do this some years ago during the summer (before we had wireless internet....) and I felt great all the time, even if I rode my bike all day, run, whatever..
Gman1063 years ago
This sounds good, Thanks for the post. This might help me prepare for when I start my training in the army, and you can never have too much time, thanks again mate
08motooley4 years ago
thank's for this i'll start trying it coz my sleep pattern is seriously messed up currently
qhorn10214 years ago
So I read this article yesterday and tried it last night, and IT WORKS!!! I set my alarm for six (which was the latest I could get up) and I hid all visible clocks so I wouldn't know what time it was when I woke up on my own. I ended up waking up at FIVE!!!

I had time to pray, eat breakfast without rushing and run a mile before work! THANK YOU!!!!! I've always wanted to be a morning person!
dguerrero24 years ago
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! I'll go try it like right now!!! I've never considered myself to be a morning person, I'll update on my results!!
"Before you go to bed, drink two glasses of water. You will need to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Congratulations, your day just started!"

im going to try this tonight....got to get up at 8:00am (GMT), lets hope i dont feel really tired during the day when i actually really have to work.
Puzzledd4 years ago
This sounds really interesting, and logical. Very well thought out and explained, thanks!

Siren45 years ago
This explains so much! Thank you!
LHH1635 years ago
You said no later than 2000 for the latest big meal. How long before sleeping would you say? Not everyone will have the same sleep schedule and it might be more helpful to be relative (Like the exercise comment.).
Willnet5 years ago
 Hey this was a great instructable. I've been suffering through 4 wretched years of pissy "feels like the end of the world" mornings in the Army. I have noticed waking up feeling refreshed at odd times of the morning. I will definitely give this a try. Its refreshing to read an instructable from someone in the army.
Shyrric5 years ago
I will have to try this out; first, however, a question begs asking.

About how long will it take for a person to acclimate to this method? I have school four mornings a week and work the other three as it stands, and I was wondering if this would be best started now, or next semester.
inchman (author)  Shyrric5 years ago
It depends on your discipline to stick with it.  If you stay with it, you can be acclimated to this within 12-14 days.  If you don't follow it closely, it will take longer.

Good luck and let us all know how it turns out. 
Shyrric inchman5 years ago
Thanks for the swift response =)
I'll definitely give it a go.
shirel5 years ago
tried this last night. drank two cups of water at 12pm then went to bed. Had to go to the bathroom twice almost immediately and at three am. however by that time i hadn't gotten any sleep was just lying in bed with my eyes closed. slept all the way through to 11 am. I guess my system flushes out water very quickly. At least now i know. I can use this technique for naps. And usually throughout the night i will get up ocassionaly and go to the kitchen so i can get up then. I don't know why i didn't get up last night. Maybe it's because the night before i slept 11 hours. I don't know but i'm not giving up. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
RaNDoMLeiGH5 years ago
Some people are simply hard-wired to not be up in the morning. I am one of them. I am also a professional artist and get "in the zone" when I work. I have a home studio so my work life is necessarily intertwined with my family's comings, goings, fights, and feedings.

My life finally got to a point where I can sleep from 6am to 2pm. I still get my 8 hours of sleep, which is of course the point of sleeping at any time. The kids are teens, they ride the bus to and from school. Mate gets himself to work. Nobody bothers me during the day and I've been getting the best rest of my whole life.

My studio hours are 10pm to 5am and I will tell ya, I've been able to get more done since I started working while my family sleeps. I don't have to stop what I'm doing to make dinner. I have been able to spend more time with my family and not be under stress to get things done before bedtime, which was always a major sticking point in the past. Trying to work and be a parent and have time for my mate all stuffed into the 6am-10pm schedule meant a lot of clock-watching and interruption due to having other people's schedules getting in the way of my creative process.

However, when I have to be up at a prescribed time (regardless of the hours on the clock, some of us are just hard sleepers), I find that drinking a LOT of water before I go to bed seriously helps get me up when I wake up. No matter the clock time, my body loves to be asleep. My cycles are maybe different from someone else's, who knows. Waking up is not an easy thing, although I no longer feel groggy when I wake up with my "new" schedule. But on the days when I've got a meeting or something, if I've got to pee, I'm not going to roll over and go back to sleep!

ManyuX955 years ago
Thanks, my mother usually wakes me up with bad words xD. I HAVE to try this!
BTW Liked the funny images, that is how an instructable should be
lozartist5 years ago
I guess I should listen to my body when I wake up to use the bathroom an hour before my alarm goes off. I shall try this method.
memaurer5 years ago
I'm def going to try this..thank you for the post. The two glasses of water make so much sense now!
DIY Dave5 years ago
I've found that if you set an alarm for the same time every morning (and actually get up when it rings), then you will start automatically waking up at that time.
JohnJY5 years ago
 The picture in step five, I could feel that, that's gotta hurt!
kevincougar5 years ago
 This was actually very helpful, thank you.
inchman (author)  kevincougar5 years ago
Thanks for the comment.  I'm glad it was helpful.  I have a few more ideas that I'll be posting as soon as I get a chance to finish them up.
Chromatica5 years ago
It would have been nicer if you used your own photos.
inchman (author)  Chromatica5 years ago
Trust me, there is nothing "nice" about see me in the morning, or afternoon, or in the evening.   8>)

I wanted the 'ible to be readable.  If I had pictures of me, no one would have been able to get to step 2!   <Big Grins>
Yeah, I know( You actually had a reason to not to, some others others don't)
P.S. Are you in action there or some type of reserve program.
liuran5 years ago
 Yes,  Thanks for share.