Becoming a bona fide rock star takes years of musical practice, a killer look and sound, a spellbinding personality, and a lot-- I repeat, a LOT-- of good luck. (Connections in the music industry also help.)

In this Instructable, I'll show you different ways to break into a music scene and to perfect your looks and talent in preparation for getting signed onto a label.

But readers beware: getting signed is only the beginning of the long road to rock stardom. The road will probably involve a lot of sacrifices before you get to the pinnacle of fame and fortune. You may even have to sell your own soul to get there. True story.

Step 1: Pick Your Poison

Think about what you want to do and be as a rock star before moving on. Here are a few sample questions to think about:

What kind of rock star do you want to be?

What genre of rock do you want to specialize in?

Right now, how good are you at what you want to be doing?

Do you want to be part of a band?
If so, what kind of band? What instruments will be in it?
Most importantly, do you get along well with other people?

What kind of personality do you have? (This is important if you want to be in a band.)

Do you like being the center of attention?
(Be the lead singer. Prerequisites: Must be able to carry a tune.)

Do you really suck at singing, but still want to get attention from fans?
(Be the lead guitarist. Prerequisites: Nimble fingers and the ability to jam on a guitar.)

Do you like being in the background without much to do?
(Be the bassist. Prerequisites: Tough fingers.)

Do you like being in the background, and are tone deaf?
(Be the drummer. Prerequisites: Hand-eye coordination and a great sense of rhythm.)

Not everyone can be in a band, and not all bands work out. Group harmony is difficult to achieve, especially if not all of you are hell-bent on becoming rock stars.

If you have the luxury to, choose your bandmates wisely. Ideally, they should all have the personal qualities we are going to be discussing here: Great sound, great look, great personality, particularly when working with others. (Shyness not allowed, unless it's the bassist.)
<p>wow , confidensable message, sir can you upload pdf for this </p>
Background??Tone Deaf??? Me and the other drummer in my band find that very insolting.Vveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrryyy insolting. No offense intended.
<p>HEY. If you are going to be INSULTED learn how to spell it first. Oh sorry did that insolt you HAHA...Wait the other drummer? </p>
<p>Tone deaf...??? Have you ever tuned a drum kit? I've been a guitarist for 30 years and it still blows me away when a good drummer tunes up. Way Cool... check it out sometime.</p>
I'm a star it worked!
I wish to argue that tokio hotel fans aren't the most dangerous out there<br /> &nbsp;slayer fans are. or at least the really crazy ones.<br />
&nbsp;i agree, John Chapman was not a tokio hotel fan...
*out there. slayer fans are.<br />
Arctic monkeys got famous all because of Myspace!
I've never even heard of the group, but I'll take your word for it.
Its pretty funny that everyone is getting so bent out of shape about this- its so funny! (And well written)
Tone deaf drummers??? Dave Grohl, Andy Sturmer, Andrew Gillespie, Roger Taylor, Taylor Hawkins . . . want more?
Is it true Dave Grohl is tone deaf.. How can he sing then? And what a great singer he is..
Excellent Instructable! Very well written and presented! 4.5/5 stars!
I concur, Excellent, loved it, 5 stars!
did you read it?
Myspace? Really? Other than that, great job!
I agree. Myspace is the devil.
MySpace is the devil but it's for bands cuz it uber easy to have site, maintain it and communicate with other bands
*its good for bands
That is true...
A better place is <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.freewebs.com">Freewebs</a>. I made one. It's called <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sawmaster.co.cc">Sawmaster</a>.<br/>
There isn't a better place than myspace. That's where all of the fans are. I'd say that's one of three things this guy got right...
alot of bands get noticed because of myspace... thats just about the only thing its good for.
what if you are a teenager that wants to play the drums, plays the guitar, and wants to rock badly? i can't go to bars yet, and i am in almost 3 bands with my friends. a jazz band and two metal bands.
look for a cofee shop band. its chill and htey'll usually let you just come jam.
What about Meatloaf?
what if your a solo artist and play all the parts in your band? for live shows do i just play guitar and sing?
I'd say you have three options: 1) Get a band to back you. 2)Record all of the tracks except the ones you'll be playing. Run that audio through the sound board and play along. 3) Breakdown all of your arrangements for one.
my friend is a lefty but he plays right so being lefty ain't that bad
That's insulting. I play the bass in a band. I sing, also. We have more bass solos than guitar solos and they're legit, as well. Every single riff of all our songs are pretty awesome and diverse, too.
What band?
The Corrupted Schwoogies
Bassists have not much to do? Only bad bassists that peddle eights on the tonic.
so you wanna be a rock and roll star listen now do what i say get yourself an electric guitar and take some time and learn to play
i imagine cbgb is what heaven looks like well damn't i'm never gonna get to see it lol

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