Step 3: Create a Set Up

I have great landlords so this wasn't a problem for me, but if your landlords are paranoid or mean, you should avoid putting any decorations on the building itself. Or ask for their permission ahead of time.

Try to leave work a tad bit early if Halloween is on a week day, and put up your decorations using strong tape that won't damage anything so that you're open for business while it's still light out. Make your set up visible to trick-or-treaters who might be looking down your block to see if it's worth walking. But obviously, don't obstruct the sidewalk. People should be able to get through with a stroller, a small child and a dog with no problem.

Ask your neighbors or people passing by for their advice if you're not sure about your artistic direction.
Trick or treating is becoming all but outlawed where I live. Last year I had 7 trick or treaters. It's so sad. Maybe this year I'll organize something like this to encourage a return to our roots. Thanks.
you should put up posters send emails and party (convince people) so more children will go around next year.
you are just like everyone else in North America who has left over candy...you eat it!
I don't recommend giving out chocolate. Sure people love it, but it's simply sugar and fat, solid at room temperature. Like lard. I prefer the fat-free jelly candies. Chewy, fruity, yum-ness.
I disagree. Most people love chocolate. If you are worried about fat, don't go trick-or-treating. Halloween is all about the candy. And costumes. BTW, I like the dog treat idea.
I once knew someone who was allergic to chocolate lol
You sir go out of your way to hand out candy. You are a nice man. I am 19 but still grumpy as hell. I get angry when the teens come up to my door with no costumes but I grit my teeth and give em candy anyway.
Just put up a sign that says " No costume? NO CANDY!"
it says "vampire plats drink blood" on the top thing
a great way to do this would be do do it autonomously like a skeleton that disposes sweets !
Dumbledore is gay?
Was... if he existed, that is.<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://observer.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,2196020,00.html">link</a><br/>
What a great Instructable! I've long been an apartment-dweller, which deterred me from handing out candy ... until this year. Even though our landlord wasn't home -- and he controls the porch lights, so I couldn't put it on -- I hung a big sign on my front door to "Knock for Treats." (I live on the first floor of a two-flat, so I was able to hear knocking. Others might consider asking trick or treaters to ring the door bell.) By the end of the night, about 50 kids had stopped by! It was a lot of fun, and I got to tend to my chores in between handing out treats. Maybe not as fun as having a party, but efficient for busy gals!
I wondered. Doesn't "trick-or-treat" imply that if you don't give me a treat, I'll trick you? If it does, then shouldn't it be "treat-or-trick"?
I think that you're free to call it whatever you want. I'm a fan of treat-and-eat.
nicely done! also, yeah ppl buy chocolate, cause i used to freaking HATE getting like 1 dumb dumb pop from houses ;-( it pissed me off lol, cause cmon how cheap can a person get to give 1 dumb dumb pop per person, good man giving chocolate ;-)

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