Introduction: How to Be Successful (own People) at Halo 3

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A helpful handy hint so you or your team can get better at Halo 3.
Finish the Fight
This Is The Way The World Ends
on a wild tangent- upcoming band Stone

Step 1: Things You Will Be Needing

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You will need:
~ a copy of Halo 3
~ an XBOX 360 (with controller etc)
~ headset (optional but recommended)
~ a comfy place to sit and play

Step 2: Basics

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Learn the controls and get used to them.

Also, get to grips with the weapons.
It helps to be good with a sniper rifle, but the battle rifle is better for headshots, so practice with all of them.
Even the grenades. If you don't know know the trajectory of the grenade. its pretty pointless.

A good tip is to learn the maps and weapon locations. Learn where the Spartan Laser is in Valhalla and find out the location of the Sniper Rifle in Snowbound. When you know the maps, you know and can use the best place to ambush, and the way to go so you don't get stuck in a dead end.

Step 3: Getting Kills

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My friends say "I shot that fool so many times and he doesn't die. Then, he goes and shoots me 3 times and I'm dead. GGRRRRR!!!"
The head is the weakest point. Spartans, for example, take more shots to the body than to the head. Higher placed players have more head shots.

Step 4: Other Tips

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Don't make stupid moves.
Save your lives. Crouch and wait for a Spartan to run by then attack him from behind (IN THE HEAD)

If you see 3 red dots on the radar, HIDE and/or wait for your team.

Wait for your shield to recharge - be safe
Stay near your teammates - assists work better than going it alone

Try being sneaky and walk while crouching (crawl). You should be slow enough to disappear off the radar. Handy for infiltrating bases and and generally not being detected. However, your enemies may do this by being slow or just standing still so check your kills list when they disappear

Step 5: More Other Tips

Picture of More Other Tips

Don't fear the players with "420" or anything pot-related in their gamertags

Teamwork is vital. A group of average players working together (who use this instructable) is very challenging for a group of independant players (even if they do use this instructable).

I've also found that players with funny gamertags are actually pretty good at this. However, players with Halo related gametags are really good, so be prepared for a tough fight.

I have to put this cheat as it is too good to miss. For the special, extended ending, you need to beat the final stage in Legendary mode. The final stage, not the rest of the game, but I suggest doing it normally first and then in legendary

Step 6: Easter Egg!! (lol)

Picture of Easter Egg!! (lol)

On the 2nd level of the campaign (when escorting the characters to their ships), go the wrong way from where your ment to to complete the mission. You should meet 2 people and have a funny chat. :)

Step 7: Only Use This Step If You Really Can't Do It

Picture of Only Use This Step If You Really Can't Do It

If you are really stuck and your friends and family and this instructable doesn't help, then go find cheats and maps etc.


legoman111 (author)2014-05-25

BTW the Arbiter's name is Thel 'Vadam.

Plo Koon (author)2014-03-20

What does this mean?

"Higher placed players have more head shots."

justavip (author)2007-10-21


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joshualater (author)justavip2009-03-26

press 123 if halo 3 should be made for mac

whatsisface (author)justavip2007-12-02

Microsoft aren't going to waste money developing the same game for an obsolete console. It's like saying "ROFL GEARS OF WAR SHOULD BE ON PS1!!!!!!!".

nerfer192 (author)whatsisface2007-12-30

it should!

whatsisface (author)nerfer1922007-12-30

So a new game that has already grossed millions should be completely redeveloped for a less popular console with a less advanced online service and obsolete graphics? That would be the biggest waste of money I can care to think of...

nerfer192 (author)whatsisface2007-12-30

well, maybe not ps1, but at least ps2

whatsisface (author)nerfer1922007-12-30

Not gonna happen. PS2 = Sony = Microsoft's competition.

It's like Nintendo releasing all their mario series on xbox, it doesn't happen.

nerfer192 (author)whatsisface2007-12-31

they do make sega for xbox, but i get ur point.

whatsisface (author)nerfer1922008-01-29

Sega are only game developers since the Dreamcast failed. They don't make consoles any more so will develop games for other companies' consoles.

INSTRUCTUBAL (author)whatsisface2008-03-15

oh god... dreamcast... i used to have one... so original! i want one again, i loved it!

I have two, one is broken, the other one, we don't use.

Me and my cousins had a Dreamcast. We only had one game for it, but it was FUN. XD

nerfer192 (author)whatsisface2008-01-29


himmelgeher (author)whatsisface2008-06-10

actually scince bungy split from Microsoft, they can release Halo 3 on whatever console they want, not that the would.

reedz (author)whatsisface2008-03-07

Would you please read your first sentence and tell me what is wrong with it? That hurts my heart.

whatsisface (author)reedz2008-03-08

You think the original xbox isn't obsolete in the eyes of the 360?

reedz (author)whatsisface2008-03-08

"Mircrosoft AREN'T going to waste money..." Learn some English please.

whatsisface (author)reedz2008-03-08

Wait, you're criticising me over use of English? That's it? At least I bother with proper punctuation and grammar, unlike some people who will happily drop every vowel from a sentence for the added fraction of a second spared.

I do believe the problem here is my "Real English" versus your "American English". The Brits have a strong tendency to use singular nouns with the plural form of verbs, whereas Americans seem to do the opposite.


shut up no it all

*Know it all.

Rock Soldier (author)whatsisface2008-12-26

lol, nice one.

as said shut up

Since you asked so nicely :-)

robots199 (author)whatsisface2008-12-15

If you want to be mean go to another diy site. We have a be nice policy here!!!

whatsisface (author)robots1992008-12-16

I'm not being at all mean, I'm being sarcastic, but he's the one saying shut up without justification.

bigjeff5 (author)whatsisface2008-03-16

It's actually improper (American) English to use plural verbs with singular nouns. If the noun is singular, so is the verb. An entity like Microsoft, while composed of many many people, is still a single entity and thus requires a singular form of the verb "to be", which would be "isn't" in this case. Any time you see an American do what you did, they sound stupid. I can't translate that to how other Brits would treat you though, I know the two versions of English can be very very different. Otherwise your point is spot-on, Cheers!

drmjj55 (author)bigjeff52008-12-17

someone payed good attention in english class!!!

bigjeff5 (author)bigjeff52008-03-16

Hehe, dumb replying to myself, but I should clarify (especially since your ref mentions it) that "collective" nouns do get plural when you refer to the group as individuals, instead of refering to the entity itself. I.E. when "Microsoft" is actually refering to the thousands of individual employees that make up Microsoft. To put it another way, if you mean "2,000 microsoft employees" when you say "Microsoft" you'd use the plural verb. In that case your comment would be perfectly correct gramatically in American English, though most people would still think you sound stupid, regardless. Most Americans can't speak proper American English (that includes me, btw.)

reedz (author)whatsisface2008-03-08

I'm sorry I offended you. It was meant to be funny to begin with.

xb0xisbetter (author)justavip2008-05-31

Yes, like everyone else has said putting halo 3 on the Xbox would be a disaster. Not only would Bungie have to develop a completely different game with the same title in order to keep the original Xbox chugging along without frame rate problems or just complete incompatibility. Then they would most likely have to use the same game engine that Halo 2 had in order to produce both versions in time for the shipping date. No clear, flowing water, no beautiful Havok physics engine rag-doll for the corpses. It would be, in all literal senses, worthless. This then would bring into question the quality of the 360 version that many people purchased their consoles in the for in the first place.

Typo in the last sentence there, I'm sure anyone can tell what it was meant to say.

saisay (author)justavip2008-03-29

xbox doesn't have good enough graphics...

Jordan.nave (author)justavip2008-02-01

No, it shouldn't.... Don't be a cheap ass just go and buy a 360......

bluenightweasel (author)justavip2008-01-06 ok just no

knjfskdl (author)justavip2008-01-04


nerfer192 (author)justavip2007-12-14


SeMi_AuToMaTic (author)nerfer1922007-12-30

123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 123 ---- I broke the button. lol.


neo-sky (author)2011-01-08

why am i reading this? i was hoping 4 something i didn't kno BTW im not being mean jus put sumthin new in it

DJ Radio (author)2010-03-29

Sure headshots do more damage, but not all weapons get a headshot bonus.  I've used an Assault rifle to headshot people and it does no more damage than a body shot.  Something like a battle rifle or pistol is a different story though. And aiming for the head is pointless with an explosive weapon like the rocket launcher. 

However, aiming for the head isn't all there is to getting kills.  You don't have any tips on fighting vehicles at all, or any proper tactics for situations.  I've been in situations where I shoot an entire battle rifle clip into some guy's head and he still lives because he managed to duck behind cover each time I hit him and recharged and came out for more.  So you have to learn when shooting your opponent is redundant or useless.

Xander da gr8 (author)2009-04-02

no it cant! it has the best graphics of any game out right now with 1 or 2 exceptions! there is no way the original xbox can handle it!

Iridium7 (author)Xander da gr82009-05-23

It can't handle the TRUTH!

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