Step 2: The Strategy

The Strategy is simple:

When the game first starts, click the four squares in the corner. This will open up a good amount of blocks (95% of the time)

Mark all the mines that are downright OBVIOUS. Such as eight 1's surrounding a unopened square, it's obviously a mine.

Next start finding the mines around other numbers, like in the picture shown below.

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So what could I have done here?
Whoops forgot the pic.
So, you're saying that all I need to do is click the squares that are undeniably <object height="18" style="margin: 0.0pt 0.0pt 0.0pt 3.0px;" width="28"> <param name="movie" /> <param value="false" /> <param /> <param /></object>not a bomb, all the unidentifiable ones <object height="18" style="margin: 0.0pt 0.0pt 0.0pt 3.0px;" width="28">will sort themselves out?<br /> That sounds like just playing by the rules of the games. Where's the mystical tip? <br /> </object>
An easy tip for PC users is to click both right AND left mouse buttons TOGETHER on numbered squares.<br /> <br /> If all possible 'mines' have been detected around that numbered square, the program will clear large areas of the map for you.<br /> <br /> Give it a try, it's easier to see than say (write) apparently!

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