Picture of How to beat Minesweeper
We've all tried to complete a game of Minesweeper. But most of us have failed. You get the concept but you just can't win. Here's my way of solving minesweeper, ever since I used it, I've never lost a game. Never.
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Step 1: The Basics

Picture of The Basics
Before you jump into this, you need to know how the game actually works.
Contrary to popular belief, it's actually quite simply. Click a square, you get a number. That number is the number of how many mines are surrounding it. If you find the mine, you can open "unopened" squares around it, opening more areas.

Note when I say unopend, I mean unclicked, and when I say open, I mean clicked.

Step 2: The Strategy

Picture of The Strategy
The Strategy is simple:

When the game first starts, click the four squares in the corner. This will open up a good amount of blocks (95% of the time)

Mark all the mines that are downright OBVIOUS. Such as eight 1's surrounding a unopened square, it's obviously a mine.

Next start finding the mines around other numbers, like in the picture shown below.

Step 3: Tips + Hints

Picture of Tips + Hints
- Clicking both the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously over a number that already has it's mine(s)  found, will open all the blocks around it. This can save time. So, once you find all the mines around that number, click the right and left mouse buttons simultaneously.

- Finding the mines in 1 blocks helps a lot, because it opens many squares and good hints to 2's and 3's.

- Be careful. Only open blocks that you KNOW are safe.

- You will need to complete about 10 games until you get the hang of it, then you can complete for fast times!

Have fun!

HandyBob5 years ago
So, you're saying that all I need to do is click the squares that are undeniably not a bomb, all the unidentifiable ones will sort themselves out?
That sounds like just playing by the rules of the games. Where's the mystical tip?