Picture of How to beat a rubix cude (thinking outside of the box method)
Rubix cubes
A modern emigma
Those who beat it considerd geniuses
Not anymore
Here is a new and ingenious way to beat a rubix cube
And it is, literaly, thinking outside of the box

Just a notice to everyone, this is about and ALTERNATIVE method. Though i have respect for those who can figure it out and have the commitment to do so, im just a little to apathetic and just cant get my head around it, so i came up with this :)

And yes it is cheep and no i dont care :D

Step 1: The only step!!

Picture of the only step!!
righto then lets get started
firstly, u got to turn one part of the cube half way so it stick out and looks like davids star from the top down
then u gota yank one of the corners off *note* this may not work with all cubes, some may be more robust
after you have yanked a corner off the rest of the peices should come off easily
just orginise and reconstuct the cube
and ,voila!, a completed rubix cube

clever isnt it
nice spelling !
After twisting the rubix for hours i can understand how others also spell it in the different way:

this works on mine !!!!!!
sector477 years ago
zako7 years ago
i can actually do it properly and my record is 1 minute 22 seconds,and i only take my cube apart when i need to lube it, peeling off the stickers is really boring and it is a waste of money.
Noodly0ne zako7 years ago
My friend can do one in 15 seconds. It actually made me naseous (?) to watch. It was too fast!
sorry, but your spelling is atrocious, rubik's cubes are not really to difficult.
Jordan947 years ago
peel the stickers off and put them back in order
Nathan677 years ago
Just learn how to solve one, its not that hard, just need to learn a few patterned move that are repeated. Try "pogobat's" method on Youtube, he's a pretty good teacher. After about a week of practice I could solve a 3x3x3 in about 2 minutes, and I'm getting faster.
zyra7 years ago
kayang kung tapos yan sa loob nang 49sec
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Thats how I do it. Nice
scath8 years ago
wow......i can ACTUALLY beat one of these in 1 minute 8 seconds, which is probably faster than you can take it apart, and put it back together in the right order, anyway. It's also not a very...impressive feat if you take it apart in front of people. oh well, it's for the people that don't know.
hmm... I dont think this is very new. This is how I always beat the cube. haha =]
yea well i thought i might as well contribute something uknow and plus no-one else has botherd to pput up a no-brainer like this :P