How to Beat Up a Bully





Introduction: How to Beat Up a Bully

This instructable will give you detailed instructions on how to beat up a bully in most situations.

Now i am definitely small for my age in the respect that their is no person in the year below me
that is shorter than me. This made me an obvious target for seniors to pick on me.

Well i didn't like that because i had a bit of pride so i decided to do something about it.
I would like to share that information with all of you.

The way people act towards bullying varies largely it's disgusting that people can turn a blind eye and even worse "Rockstar" games has developed a game called bully where you in a simulated environment beat up geeks and authority figures. This is the worst kind of game violence there is, it's not as gory as some, sure but the way it is portrayed......

*******Update 25 april Update*****************
Updated instructable please read

Step 1: Identifying a Bully

To identify a bully there are some main features to look for. I like to call them the 3 As

Attitude- if someone is very staunch and "im gonna get my way" about things this is an indicator

Actions-Obviously if someone goes around ruffing people up for fun they can't be a good guy.

Anger- If the person tends to get angry at small things and doesn't try to to talk about they are
under this classifications.

And remember don't act rash and lash out as soon as someone annoys you and be sure it's not yourself just overreacting and if any of the "A's" happen after you have provoked the person in any way stop and think why the hell did i do that there just gonna get mad

Step 2: Confidence and Physical Shape

Now when managing a bully the first thing you will need
is confidence, theres no use wanting to get someone and turning it over in your
head many times than not going through cos they intimidate you, well that is WACK!
And when i was first being bullied i was interested in martial arts
and that worked cos i found Tae-Kwon-Do and it helped me mentaly and physically.

Now i am not saying go and start a martial art it may not be your thing but it
worked for me. Which leads me to my next point, phyisical shape.

Well it seems a lot of people inadvertently overestimate themselves just imagining
a great punch to someplace like the nose or stomach, But it doesn't work that way
people block and dodge.
But saying this you don't have to be in great shape just reasonable.

I do sit ups, pushups and starjumps before bed and do more each time.
Through my routine i have earned myself a 6-pack as well but thats another i'ble

Pic of someone practicing tae-kwon-do

Step 3: Knowing When and Where to Strike

The best times to strike are when the subject is trying to intimidate you
because then it will not just strike them physically but mentally too.

Now this is the fun bit, I taught myself many different ways of
dealing with bullies and one of my favorites is one of the many ways
i know how to bring people to the ground.

No1, The headlock-pull:

First get your arm around the subjects neck then get behind them and lift
yourself off the ground. This should "off" their balance so they fall back,
Cushion their fall so they don't hurt themselves on the ground
-we want to demonstrate control not hurt them- then put your foot
on their neck without pressure and say firmly- "DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!"

Step 4: Staying in Control

Once you have proved you are a force to be reckoned with
sometimes the bully will get up and annoyed dwelling over his or her loss
and try to get you back. This is where you cause pain-With adequate warning-

There are what my friend call wristy twisties which i find to be very effective.

Heres the basics. When their hand is in attack grab it and quickly twist until their body makes a response, from there you can twist in small jolts further to cause pain.

Another simple one is the "double clap" i made this one when someone was giving me
crap about my height and generally roughing me up.
It is simply a clap around the stomach and back.
It just seems to work.

Pictured are pressure points. good for relieving stress, anxiety and causing Pain.

By the way all photos in this instructable are of me (apart from the flying side piercing kick)

Anyway Enjoy.

Hope you pick me.

Step 5: Don't Become What You Hate So Much

Now you now how to manage bullies make sure you use
the information for protection ONLY and don't become as bad as them.
Anyone can inadvertently slip into the "bully State" just watch out.

And more importantly.
Do not set yourself on fire.

Cheers thanks for reading my I'ble

Step 6: Avoiding a Fight.

Now you could read forever on how to win a fight
and you could take lessons in the same way, but the easiest thing is to avoid
a fight.

Now it may seem cheesy like you've heard it all before but there are some good ways
to avoid fights:

Talk it out- If you have no hope of winning a fight a good idea is to
talk with the bullies cronies as the bully most likely won't have any of it.

Friends- Most people hate bullies even people who are bigger than them
because there will always be someone bigger than you that also applies to the bully.
Heck you can even get big guys to teach you stuff about fighting and people older than you
usually like someone they can look after because it makes them feel wanted.

Hope this can help someone out there.



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    Looking at the overall comments here everyone seems to be a rational human being and yet our cries for help are ignored by all authorities and the most important people at the coal face being teachers. If teachers choose to do nothing or worse are in so many cases are the bullies themselves what chance does any lone parent have of stopping a bully whose behaviour is endorsed by the plague of teacher apathy.

    I got a black eye from my last fi

    Just wanted to say thank you for your posting. My two boys had a lifetime of being bullied in school. No one ever did anything, you can complain about it, but this seemed to make things far worse. They suffered injuries, humiliations, torn clothes, stolen items, the list is just about endless. It has caused low self esteem, and just about no confidence. this is because, the schools here have this unwritten policy the person being bullied is not allowed to defend themselves or they find themselves in detention. We think bullies are evil and losers. it's not just kids, teachers can be bullies too. In my eyes, if they don't stop the bullies when the kids are not allowed to defend themselves, then the school (s) is condoning the abuse. And children are not bullies. never have been.

    Too damn many teachers and school administrators regard bullies as their unofficial assistants in making sure that any square pegs are pounded into the round holes that the system assigns them to. Why else would they turn a blind eye to bullying and yet be so quick to stomp on any victim who fights back?

    That is so true. Over the years I have seen such a lot of negative things occur in schools. Seen to many kids made so desperately miserable. no matter what one tries to do, to resolve any issues, you do get stomped on. recently, my son was beaten up at school, by an ex student who entered the grounds. my son had facial injuries. he stood there and took it while others looked on and did nothing. he did not defend himself as per school policy he went straight to the office after this ex student ran off, with another boy who was also treated to this ex students 'wonderful personality'. the manager of the school decided his phone call was more important than my son. it took three days before someone listened to my son about what happened...well they didn't listen because they did not do a thing about it. apparently, even ex students are allowed to enter the school grounds and do what they wish. my son and I went to the police - but the school was unco-operative and would not give out any information. they said there was nothing they could do. even tried to make out it was my son's fault despite all the witnesses who said the ex student came onto the school grounds and made a beeline for my son. The school did not like it when we went to the police and since that time my son has been treated even more badly. talking to someone at the school, they eat their meal and talk to you with their mouth full, over the phone too. they take other calls, and talk to other people. showing the parent that they are seriously not at all interested in a child who is being beaten.

    Once in first grade a teacher slammed my head against the wall and gave me a whopping goose egg. My Mom went to school, walked into the teachers' room, bent over and yelled at the top of her lungs, "if you EVER Touch my child again, I'll bury you in the baseball field". She then turned and walked out of the teachers' office and to the principal, handing him a Lawyer's card and saying she was prepared to sue the school for child abuse... Sometimes MOM's need to have a little courage too, Maam. Sometimes MOM's need to do the fighting!

    have done plenty of 'fighting' for the right for all kids, not just my boys, to go to school in a safe environment without the fear of being abused. it has never done any good. I can only hope that one day, all the bullies and the teachers who condoned it all will get their karma.

    Sorry to be accusative. It really makes me angry that after the feminist movement of the 60-80's defending oneself has become "bullying" in the eyes of those who ought to be on the side of Right. All male character was made out to be bad, including the God (or Godess) given right to defend one's honor, rights and right to a fear free existence. My Dad always taught me never to start a fight, but to make damn sure it was finished when somebody else did. Police today insist that when a burglar comes into your home and assaults you that YOU go to jail for defending yourself if in any way the perpetrator gets—God forbid— INJURED. This is an utterly insane society. Fighting is "BAD" While Daddy watches Pro Wrestling on TV, a sport with utterly NO good, honor, decency, or value to a society obsessed with violence, guns and sex. Defending oneself involves walking a fine line between the LAW, the basic Human Right of waking fear free, and the Honor and Virtue of being a Man or Woman of confidence, power and assurance. It is my RIGHT to exist without fear. I will defend it with my fists, my life and my means. So should we all, and when one is being bullied it reflects not only on the Bully, but everyone who stands idly by: Edmond Burke I believe said: "All that is necessary for Evil to Triumph is for Good Men to do Nothing."

    Edmund Burke was one of the philosophers that I learnt about in high school this year grade 12 and according to my teacher, the information matches. Also there were other philosophers besides Burke that wanted mankind to be free without harming others etc. There was Rousseau who believed specifically in the concept of Man being born free and are allowed to do anything they wish as long as they do not harm anyone in the process. Which is how the Rule of Law comes into play. The govt made such laws and when such a situation comes to hand such as bullying, the bullies are protected and the victims are seen as the ones in fault!Its like everything in the world has been overturned!No wonder God made the Flood and Noah's Ark happen becuz of how mankind turned so evil in a blink of an eye.We have to do something to stop them.We cannot and i mean CANNOT let bullying continue and let victims be falsely seen as the bad guys! I have been trolled in real life and in online games and i have been blamed for stuff i did not even do.Some people see that I am being targeted and try to help me.But others are stubborn and defend the bully!How much more ridiculous can this world get!

    does not sound accusative. Yes, I quite agree. I don't see how defending oneself can be seen as bullying. Quite ludicrous. Yes, that is the same here, if a burglar breaks in and injures themself they can sue you and get away with it. Also same, if burglar breaks in and assaults you, and you defend yourself - you are the one who gets arrested etc. It is totally ludicrous. I agree with you. society is insane. It is the same with the other laws such as if someone hits you with a club you are only allowed to retaliate with a club. if you use a gun then it is considered undue force and you are the one who gets jailed. it is totally mental. I agree with that too. There are a lot of double standards in society. I can't stand seeing fighting on tv - boxing, wrestling. I don't agree with letting kids or teens see it either. I have suffered a lot of abuse in my lifetime. Not just my boys in school, no one does anything about that either no matter how hard one tries to get something done. Re the basic human right. Well, that is something schools have removed from the students. (except the bullies whom they hold in high regard) It seems to with all the ludicrous laws that people have also not the basic right to defend themselves against an attacker in and out of their home. It would be good to stamp out evil. That is not going to happen though when the powers that be, prevent it. most apt phrase too.