Picture of How to become a Brony/Pegasister
Hello people of the Interwebs and beyond!! I am Maui the Gerbil here to show you the love and compassion of being a brony. If you were wondering, A brony is a boy fan of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic,whereas a pegasister is a girl. If you want to be happy, This is the easiest way.If you think you are too old, There is 40+ year old bronies. Here is your materials:
1x computer
1x heart
Come on, Everypony, Let's GO!!
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Step 1: Go to

Picture of Go to
Enter in the search box "My little pony friendship is magic Mare in the moon Pt 1. It is the 1st result.

Step 2: Watch it until it is over.

Picture of Watch it until it is over.
Once it is over, Contemplate what you just saw. If you like it even at the slightest, continue on until the 2nd episode.

Step 3: Warnings about MLP: FIM

Picture of Warnings about MLP: FIM
1. NEVER read the fanfics "Cupcakes" or "Sweet Apple Massacre"! They involve ponies BRUTALLY murdering eachother and it will change your opinion of Pinkie and Big Macintosh!
2. Rule 34 ponies will also change your opinion of the characters. Search up the meaning of rule 34 if you do not know,as I will not explain.
3. Always turn on safesearch on google when searching up pics of your favorite ponies for the reason above.
4. Past episode 7, It gets addicting.
5.The ponies can control your life.
I've been a Brony for a little over a year now and I'm just so dang proud to be one with the herd. I'm a huge Rainbow Dash fan and I'm still behind 5 1/2 episodes. Can't wait till the epic DBZ like finale!!! And season 5 is closing in my Bronies/Pegasisters. BRO/)(\HOOF /)^3^(\
cutepie2 months ago

i have not read the story sweet apple massacre, but i know that a trick to read cupcakes and still like pinkie is to

1:imagine the ponies just the way they are and not as some sort of zombies or something

2:watch the smile song after your done with the story ;) works for me

halofreak1016 months ago
Also y u no like vinyl scratch and octavia? There popularish.
halofreak1016 months ago
What i have to say. I found cupcakes and sweet apple massacre to be funny. Have you read cheerilees garden, its longer and better than cupcakes. Might want to also say clop with r34 cause there the same for this fandom. Dailymotion has every pony episode for mlp fim. If you like gore i would look into the .mov series and Ask Murdershy(NSFW it has porn for like 2 seconds). Anyways theres my 2.5 cents on the darker stuff.
The community is looked at funny and called names. But we bronies like Love and tolerance and dont care about your hateful opinions.
SuperScourge6 months ago

in step 3 - 1 and 2 will not change my opinion - I don't follow creepypastas or care about rule34, other thing you should had put is never play my little pony containment is magic - it's a SCP Containment Breach mod.

redx247 months ago

not bad pretty good how to and about after episode 7 it can get a little addicting.

karaza7 months ago

man i really wana be a pony right now i mean now being a pony is fun but mostly in mlp

Bronies rock

you don't say

dead hawk8 months ago


Pandabear05248 months ago
Bronies and Pegasisters UNITE!!! /)
Pandabear05249 months ago
SEASON 4 HAS COME OUT AND HAS TAKEN MAH SOUL! :D (btw Pinkie Pie is best pony)
ttrey10 months ago
cool info
TimsProjects10 months ago
Fun Fact: Bon Bon was a character in the old pony show called My Little Pony Tales.
13, 2:20 PM.jpg13, 2:20 PM.jpg
TimsProjects11 months ago
Sorry my keyboards messing up
TimsProjects11 months ago
BRø Høøf!
TimsProjects11 months ago
| • • |
\ O /

Omg i absolutlly love my little pony
I know about cupcakes because a friend of mine but not sweet apple massacre D:
You should read Cheerilee's Garden :p
Applejack and rainbow dash are my favorite!!!
13, 9:03 AM.jpg
I've seen animations for cupcakes... and i don't know if this makes me tough but i can eat a rainbow cupcake dripping red icing while watching it, and i still love pinkie. and RD is my favorite pony!
You can find me on Deviant Art by the name Weirdofish. I have some pony art in my gallery and even more of it in my favorites (the Ponies XP folder).

just thought I'd throw that out there =)
Mauigerbil (author)  Little_Robot1 year ago
Sorry for late reply, but I am too on dA! I will watch you!

(Careful, bandom stuff)
agreed :D
hawk451 year ago
how do you get those pony pics I want one soooooooooooo bad.I'am a brony
There are a lot of pony pics on Deviantart. Also look around google. If you want a certain picture, you can also ask me. I'll try to find or make on for you.
JustPrism2 years ago
Brohoof, everypony!
Mauigerbil (author)  JustPrism2 years ago
Eeyup. I <3 Dashie!!
dog digger1 year ago
Step 1: Watch the show
I think that summaries it up. BTW I just created a brony group
p3gas1ster2 years ago
Don't forget that Spike is best pony.
Mauigerbil (author)  p3gas1ster2 years ago
AWESOME!!!!!!!! My personal fave out of the ponies is Fluttershy and fave background pony is the Great and Powerful DERPY!!!!
Fluttershy For Best Pony!!!!
I am best pony.
Mauigerbil (author) 2 years ago
Everypony here? I just published a new 'ible! Link here:
Instructables needs about 200% more ponies!
I hope this will blossom like many of the other fandoms and genres...
(Like one of my personal faves, Steampunk!)

Anyways *bro/sis(appendage)* to hopefully a wonderful future!

~Brefelan Silverpaw (wolf)
Wolf Seril2 years ago
It's 2011, don't you think we're beyond different terms for male and female fans? Most girls I know who like the show just call themselves Bronies.

Also recommending the first episode to people is terrible; it's the worst episode of the series. New viewers should start at episode 3: it explains all the characters, has a lot more humor, and isn't as obnoxious.
Mauigerbil (author) 2 years ago
I edited it. Please read through the intro