Step 2: Making the Head 2

With the front section cut out some jagged white dino teeth from white felt. sandwhich them between the two pieces of green felt where the top and bottom of the mouth are. you can now sew it all together. I recommend starting with the mouth section first. leave a small gap in the bottom so you can stuff the sections.
These teeth wont cover your face but instead cradle your head, the ultimate fusion of human and monster!

Wow. This Dino costume so cool.
i love it! <br><br>do the mittens stay on? i made arm-length sleeves for my cartoon violence costume (also on instructables) and had to keep them on with rubberbands under my shirt sleeves. <br><br>also, if you get a roar o' saur guy to join you in dressing up in something like this, you might consider adding a pink and black tie to the attire!<br>
Too cute! Love it!
Dinosaurs r so cute and cuddly, no i can be one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I never met a cuddly raptor before though, they bite your toes like arghhhhh
This is really cool!

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