How to become a Freemason

Step 2: How to become a Freemason.

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Do your research.
This isnt a thing to take lightly. Go onto wiki  , look at official freemason websites. Gather your own opinion if it is correct for you. Does it suit you as a person?
You need to be male (there is co-freemasonry for females) a man of good morals, believe in a higher power of your choice. Be over 18/21 depending on your location. There is only so much I can say without breaking my oath. So the best research tools you have are, united grand lodge england webpage. you states grand lodge web page. for those americans reading this be careful there is no such thing as the united grand lodge of america. 

Co-freemasonry isn't a recognised path of the masons. Men should join a regular lodge. But women if you want something like freemasonry the closest you will get is Co-.

If you feel that Freemasonry is your path. Then you need to do one of 2 things.

1. Approach a Mason you know. 1-2 masons within your knowledge can make initiation a lot faster and easier. They will be your mentor and you will be able to go through with someone you know.

2. Approach a lodge. If you don't know a Mason you must approach your nearest lodge. They will ask the Grand lodge to appoint someone your mentor. This step takes longer because you need to be "investigated" by the Grand Lodge.

After you have approached you will fill in some paperwork. Which is your name address and a few references.

Once that is completed you will be "investigated"
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Gillispie2 years ago
I know this is way late but I would just like to make a small correction. It says that the closest thing that women can do to Freemasonry is joining a Co-Masonic lodge but there is another group called the Eastern Stars which is basically just Freemasonry for women. In fact Masonic lodges that accept women are few and far between and it is much easier to just become an Eastern Star than it usually is to even find a Co-Masonic lodge in your area.