Becoming a millionaire is just not another get rich quick scheme, it requires dedication and hardwork but at the end you have the fruit of labour. You can become a successful millionaire from scratch if you have what it takes to take it on. I am Arylic Singh, sole owner of Arylic inc. After my huge accomplishment i wanted to share my trade secrets with you all so you to can become someone one day. Warning: This is not a get rich quick scheme, it may require your dedication till 2-3 years.
 So you decided that you wanna become a millionaire ? That sounds good, but be ready to loose some sweet and hardwork. This project requires a lot of  positive thinking and dedication and also a touch of mental thinking.
  As for my story i became a millionaire due to my struggle with everything from execution of the business to buying and selling things to people. I started small and saved from that small business and expanded to other business which enabled me to loan and buy assets which are worth over 5 million dollars. So now , not wasting anytime lets get started with making your first million dollars.

Step 1: Think like a millionaire

To become a millionaire you need to think like a millionaire. You need to equip yourself with new ideas and skills which would enable you to sell and make profit over an item. One of my relative is a sales person and when i asked him to help me with sales, the first thing he told me was " Here, take this pencil and convince me to buy it for $10 " and then i kept thinking and thinking , then i finally gave up. He then told me that i have potential because a real salesman never loose hope and keeps on going.

 Now, to enable you to think like a millionaire, visit some rich people around you and study how they execute their daily lives. I learnt from a rich man in my town, that to become successful you need to sacrifice. Master the skill of saving, open a saving account in your local bank and that way you would be not tempted to spend.

 Always think of ideas and never loose hope. Get a small notebook and a pen, go around and observe some business opportunities that facinate you. Remember you would not be successful with some thing you are not familiar with or do not know about.

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