Becoming a millionaire is just not another get rich quick scheme, it requires dedication and hardwork but at the end you have the fruit of labour. You can become a successful millionaire from scratch if you have what it takes to take it on. I am Arylic Singh, sole owner of Arylic inc. After my huge accomplishment i wanted to share my trade secrets with you all so you to can become someone one day. Warning: This is not a get rich quick scheme, it may require your dedication till 2-3 years.
 So you decided that you wanna become a millionaire ? That sounds good, but be ready to loose some sweet and hardwork. This project requires a lot of  positive thinking and dedication and also a touch of mental thinking.
  As for my story i became a millionaire due to my struggle with everything from execution of the business to buying and selling things to people. I started small and saved from that small business and expanded to other business which enabled me to loan and buy assets which are worth over 5 million dollars. So now , not wasting anytime lets get started with making your first million dollars.

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GeorgeSwiz6 days ago

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dodidie11 months ago
Man you are very smart! I wish I could think of a business idea that I would like to pursue... How did you find inspiration for what you really wanted to do? I like math and science and was considering an engineering job... However I wouldn't mind being a bit entrepreneurial and go out in the world and try to make it by myself....
oooh, i wouldn't mind being a millionaire.
Cooldeal3 years ago
Millionaire isn't enough. Billionaire is better. But it's more valuable to me to work for a living than get soaked up in luxurious expensive lifestyles. I can find treasures and valuable luxury if I step outside of the box. Just having air conditioning for instance, years ago would have been a billionaire's dream to be able to afford that before it was invented. We already live in quite a fortunately advanced lifestyle already.
How to be a millionaire: Win Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. ;)
Are you a millionaire?
AdHd4 years ago
I clicked the image link icons but all I got were images the same size as we see here. It would be nice if you could post readable (full size) copies of the newspaper clippings, or perhaps give us links to them on-line (if the newspaper has them on-line). Thanks.
frollard5 years ago
Great motivational instructable - but it needs a going-over for spelling and grammar.  If that's not your strong suit, hire someone to do it for you :)

Good information, just a bit hard to read sometimes!
I thought he was Japanese and English isn't his first language.
bumpus DJ Radio5 years ago
He's actually from the island of Fiji.
DJ Radio bumpus5 years ago
Isn't that part of Japan?  Ima go google it right now.
arylic (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
Hey, I am not actually a japanese. I am from the Fiji islands which is in the pacific oceans, near Australia and Newzealand. I am an Indo-Fijian meaning, i am an indegineous Indian born and living in Fiji.
DJ Radio arylic5 years ago
Oh sorry about that.
I can recognize that - and I wasn't just pointing it out to be elitist or anything like that.  One of the hallmark requirements for a stand-out instructable is proper spelling and grammar.  If you can't do it yourself, that's totally okay - get some help to proofread, etc.

I made the 'hire someone' joke as per the nature of the ible - being rich :D

Lastly, I wasn't saying the instructable was bad - exactly the opposite in fact.  I simply said it was hard to follow sometimes because of the writing.
Oh ok.
arylic (author)  frollard5 years ago
Thanks, i don't really wanna hire someone to correct something here. It's just what i do for fun and pass time. It's your choice to understand or just ignore this instructable. Thanks for your comments anyways.
Thanks to my secretary for writing this instructable, while i dictated.

arylic (author)  thematthatter5 years ago
Yeah, your right. I didn't hire anyone to write this. My secretary is my girlfriend and she did it for
dchall85 years ago
This is good.  Having gone to business school I can tell you this simple outline of the business model is not taught.  At most it is glossed over because they assume you already know it.  The problem is it is not something everyone knows. 

There are a couple "secrets" in this that should not be secret.
1.  Buy low and sell high.  Seems so obvious but the only way you can know if you are selling at a profit is to know all your expenses.  Too many people buy high and sell low.  A friend of mine makes and sells necklaces.  She has no earthly idea if she is making a profit because she doesn't pay attention to the cost of the "rocks" she uses. 
2.  Save, save, SAVE.  Saving 40% is EXCELLENT advice.  Following through can be hard, but it is the only way to become a millionaire.  Just one thing about your math...saving 40% from one business and 40% from another business does not add up to 80%.  It adds up to 40%.  You cannot add percentages like that.  If you thought you could do it that way, you could mistakenly think you were saving 120% or 200% or 400% on your sales. 

After you are making some money, I would suggest taking a class in finance at any business school you can attend.  Learn about financial ratios and capital investment to get a handle on the mathematics of making money.  You can predict your future by watching your ratios.  
arylic (author)  dchall85 years ago
Thank you sir for your great review on my ible. So you are a business student, that sounds great. I never did business studies just 2 years course in commerce in high school. Not everyone is taught the skills of this technique people need to hack it to find out and hacking that ideas is not that complicated.

- Buying and selling is a really risky business if you are not sure about the flow of money. As i said before, you need to plan it right before you commence your project.
- got it the wrong way, i was trying to explain in a way that you look at the two businesses separate. I mean you get 40% which for example can be $5 and another 40% from another business which could be $5 and the total would be $10 which would in simple terms means 80%...i am not sure with this though. Thatnks for your pointers though.
arylic (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox5 years ago
Thanks mate. I really appreciate the fact that you like my instructables. I hope you do something similar in the future.
ur welcome