This instructable will show you some tips on how to become very popular on this website.

Step 1: Join Groups

Join groups that your instructable's catagory fits in most. If you are in a group you dont fit in you might get some critizism on your work. 

Step 2: Make New Ideas

Think of new ideas for your instructable that have never been done before. But try to think of stuff that people need or use.

Step 3: Make Your Instructable Easy to Make

Try to make as many instructions as possible but dont put too much detail into it or people will not use your instructable.

Step 4: Done!!!

There're is a few tips on how to become ultimate on this website. I hope you take my advice on this.

trying to follow this suggestions! <br>
thank you for your concern.......................<br>i will do it
it would help some new members...

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