Picture of How to become a great instructable person
This instructable will show you some tips on how to become very popular on this website.
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Step 1: Join groups

Picture of Join groups

Join groups that your instructable's catagory fits in most. If you are in a group you dont fit in you might get some critizism on your work. 

Step 2: Make new ideas

Picture of Make new ideas
Think of new ideas for your instructable that have never been done before. But try to think of stuff that people need or use.

Step 3: Make your instructable easy to make

Picture of Make your instructable easy to make
Try to make as many instructions as possible but dont put too much detail into it or people will not use your instructable.

Step 4: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!

There're is a few tips on how to become ultimate on this website. I hope you take my advice on this.

mikolynn2 years ago
trying to follow this suggestions!
carlpogi_114 years ago
thank you for your concern.......................
i will do it
~KGB~4 years ago
it would help some new members...