In this tutorial you will get a good idea of how to become your own personal favorite playing card for Halloween, conventions or however the inspiration strikes. For the purposes of visual demonstration I chose to use La Loteria as my reference, however the real fun in all this is for you to choose your own! I have also provided a list of alternate ideas on the last page.

This is my recreation of "La Dama" from La Loteria, otherwise known as the third card in Mexican Bingo!

What you will need for the card (you can find everything at Hobby Lobby):

Sturdy cardboard, approx. 3'x4'
A sheet of sturdy, white paper (approx. the same size as cardboard)
Turquoise spray-paint OR tissue paper
Bright pink spray paint OR tissue paper OR a highlighter
Yellow spray paint OR tissue paper OR a highlighter
Black permanent marker
Elastic band 
Scotch tape

Optional (only if you are using tissue paper):
Paste type glue

For the costume:

Vintage, green blazer
Green, pencil skirt (below the knees)
Red shirt or blouse
Nude hose
Close-toed shoes (flats or low-heels)
Red beret-style hat
White gloves
White ribbon
Red clutch
A bunch of flowers (real or fake)
Small hoop earrings
Pins (clothes AND hair)

This is a very cheap and quick costume to pull-together! If you buy everything then I would estimate that you would not spend more than 15 dollars on the card itself. I shopped at Goodwill for the clothes and had many of the card-making materials at home already. All-together I spent around 20 dollars and the entire look took me less than an hour to build.

Step 1: Buy your Materials

The first thing that you need to do is to buy your costume clothes and materials. Here I have attached a few photos to use as a reference when you are at the store or looking through your closet, as the case may be.

After you have that together be sure to pick-up the items that you will need to build the card - I used KRYLON Indoor/Outdoor spraypaint in Blue Ocean Breeze which worked well, and because I could not find a good match for the pink I substituted tissue paper.
What a fun idea!
Thank you!
That's great! I want to be a Candy Land person now!!!
I was thinking that myself! Let me know how it comes out if you decide to go for it.

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