Picture of How to befriend a cat
Cats are strange creatues, but they have weaknesses.
Hold out your hand and let the cat sniff it.
Then rub the back of the cat's ears.
Use both hands on the cat's ears.
When the cat starts enjoying your attention tickle it under the chin.
Hold onto the cat's tail, without pulling, allowing the cat to pull against you. They almost invariably lie down and become ameanable to belly-tickling. They then tend to gnash you with their teeth & scratch... But you've got'em.
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Phoenix Flare11 months ago
Opps I mean neat!
Phoenix Flare11 months ago
Cute! My cat is prone to tail injuries, so might not do the tail thing! Meat!
catlily11 months ago
Very good! Does this make your cat noticeably friendly, or just make it not just well...... Hate you anymore?
Explain why our cat is just semi-wild which actually has her territory in our territory which is our house, and she's extremely friendly. That includes her kittens. We keep her outside because, well, she's semi-wild. Besides, her kittens need looking after. Also explain why she understands human language (weird right?). Only one of her kittens survived though :(
lemonie (author)  nutsandbolts_645 years ago

(Old thing, old thing - 2007)
I'm not knowledgable enough, to give you a good answer, but how did you come to have your cat?
Domestic cats learned how to manipulate humans a long time ago, most of it involves being cute and little...

Let's see. That was years ago, before I even joined this site... Oh yeah, we just found her in our garage, still a kitten.
lemonie (author)  nutsandbolts_645 years ago

I'll guess that she has the natural instincts a cat has, but that you have effectively domesticated her.

Esmagamus7 years ago
You can also let a cat with good taste listen to Opeth. Instant purring.
What's Opeth?
This is Opeth....

alas, not too many of our feline friends have such impeccable tastes lol
AndyGadget5 years ago
OK, this is going to sound pretty weird, but it does work. It's a method I've developed for attracting cats from a distance of up to 50 yards or so and very rarely fails. 1) Make what I can only describe as a 'hissy whistle' by opening your lips very slightly and slowly sucking in air. This sound is rich in ultrasonic harmonics which attract the cat's attention. 2) Look at the cat then squint and look away for a few seconds. Make the noise again and do the look, squint, look away again. Keep doing this and the cat will pretend to ignore you, but will slowly sidle in your general direction. 3) Look as if you've lost interest, but occasionally make the noise and do the looks again until the cat comes close to you. 4) As it approaches, look away, but leave your hand hanging down. The cat will come and start rubbing against it. You can then start with Lemonie's methods, although I'd be very wary of touching the tail or tickling the tummy of a cat I didn't know - You can get a lot of puncture wounds that way ;¬) Looking directly at a cat wide-eyed is an aggressive move, hence the squint and look away. If you watch two cats who know each other, they will do exactly this. You are befriending a cat by using it's own body-language.
never tried a hissy whistle, but the "squint" (in my case, a slow blink while gently staring into the cat's eyes) is really good for connecting with a strange cat.  I've heard people who fancy themselved to be "cat whisperers" call it "kitty kisses".  whatever. I find it helps to relax my facial and shoulder muscles with a conscious effort (if that makes sense).

Basically, try to mimic the kitty Buddha-gaze that dog people find so annoying. lmao
I must try both methods.  My bf has a cat that initially dislikedme (he's a real momma's boy) but once I got my chihuahua cross becameactively hateful.  He will bite and scratch me when my friendleaves the room!!!  Had to stop bringing the dog over, too, coz thecat would lie in ambush for him and have him screaming in fear. Now we have a stand-off situation but I do tend to try and starehim out!  

Thanks guys!
lemonie (author)  AndyGadget5 years ago
Interesting. I've been thinking of deteting / removing this for a while. L
I just came across your Instructable in the side-bar when I was answering a question.
Give the method a try and let me know if it works for you. The 'hissy whistle' should vary a bit, with squeaky bits and sort of mew-ey bits in it.
(Of course this may all be tosh and it's just my animal magnetism which attracts them ;¬)
P.S. Best not to do this in public places otherwise the men in white coats may be paying you a visit.
xxlcamlxx5 years ago
Purrr-fect =)
Violet_blue5 years ago
Meww awesome !  ^..^                                  
bowmaster8 years ago
Cats Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lemonie (author)  bowmaster8 years ago
If you're a mouse (or a bunny for that...) L
Or a chihwauwau (my cat stlaks them)
It's chihuahua!  One of my goggies is 1/2 chihuahua.  (I justthink of chi + hua + hua!)
icanhascheezburger.com is awesome!
I agree.  Wonderful way to have hours of laughter!

BTW - the cat hair problem: my bro solved the problem of cat fur in thebaby's room by putting a screen door on to keep the cats out (but allowthem to hear the baby, air the room, etc.).

I have 2 goggies (Ihascheezburger talk) and keep their fur out of mybedroom with a gate.
i like your kitty
lemonie (author)  funwithfire3258 years ago
It's a pest, keeps pawing my leg and coating me with hair. The keyboard is hairy, everying is hairy... L
mailkd7 lemonie8 years ago
Yeah, My laptop is extremely hairy. I've told the members of my family that are allergic to pets to stay away from my laptop.
My cat hates when I work too much, so, he lies down on the keyboard or on my notebooks, trying to make me stop for a while.
I finally put a cat bed just to the left of my desktop keyboard -trained the cat to lie in that when he wants attention.  He'll liein it and sleep; but sometimes he'll stretch out over the edge of it andlet a paw or two rest on the back of my hand as I work.  :)
Anything in my bedroom that is fabric and darker than mid-blue is absolutely coated in cat hair. I put it out the window and the birds take it.

(By the way, the fur is on everything but you can only see it on those surfaces)
lemonie (author)  xilefakamot6 years ago
Since I posted this I've been relieved of the kitties - someone else's problem now. L
dudaott lemonie7 years ago
Dear lemonie, just turn on your vacuum cleaner, and enjoy your cat THE MOST!. By the way, I'm owned by eight cats....
yeah, you don't own cats cats won you. it's funny
i saw on a birthday card: whats the difference between cats and dogs... dogs have owners, cats have staff.
lemonie (author)  RoddyTheGreat6 years ago
Yes. You ever see a cat fetch a stick...? L
yes i have cats can be trained just like dogs
Care to tell us how?
lemonie (author)  dpsilver6 years ago
Well done then! L
darklucifer6 years ago
my cat won't leave me alone, no matter what i'm doing. all she wants to do is sleep on me.
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