Step 7: Mark and cut out the cover boards

Picture of Mark and cut out the cover boards
Place the bound folios on a piece of stiff card so that the bound edge lines up with one straight edge and then draw round the paper allowing about a quarter of an inch / 5 mm border on the three other edges.

Cut the card out and then cut a duplicate.

Corrugated card is fine as the cover, as is thin foam core (foamboard), but the best kind of card is the stiff card that is used as the backing for drawing and sketching pads.
krusatyr3 years ago
Grayish-tan, dense, stiff cardboard at back of sketchbook pads and added as a protective layer to unbound packages of large, loose leaf specialty papers is technically referred to as "chip board" among stationers, printers and commercial paper companies in US.

I have bought it cheaply in large sizes from a local paper supplier's office warehouse.
ainedhel4 years ago
You could also potentially use the cardboard inserts from those cheapy 3 ring binders. Just remove the plastic wrapping that forms the cover and pockets on the inside and viola! Perfect for the job because it's so sturdy!
which material do you use for this cover boards?