How to bleach your hair with hydrogen peroxide

Step 1: Get your materials

Picture of Get your materials
You will need
1 Spray bottle
1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide (not all is used)
1 week

Step 2: Clean the spray bottle

Picture of Clean the spray bottle
Use water to make sure the spray bottle is safe to use. You can also use dish soap to help clean it out.

Step 3: Hydrogen Peroxide

Picture of Hydrogen Peroxide
Put a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide in the spray bottle. When your done, put the cap back on the spray bottle.

Step 4: Apply to hair

Picture of Apply to hair
Lightly spray it throughout your hair. Be careful not to use too much. I suggest doing this 20-30 minutes before a shower WITHOUT shampoo. You can use conditioner, though. Do this for about a week, then you can return to normal showering.
svassilis1 month ago

Is it permament?

areyez2 years ago
I Have Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Would That Work Too?
Jackaaaaay3 years ago
Please do not do this to your hair..... I am a stylist and i am telling you that it is dangerous and you could lose hair. No disrespect but it is really not a good idea. This is what cosmetologists are trained for is to lighten hair safely and effectively.
you would spend twice as much fixing it if something goes wrong than you would have spent if you had gone to a stylist the first time. And especially with long hair.... you may not be happy with what you end up with.

Please take my advice.
I'm trying to lighten my hair can i do this by stopping at the shade i want
The Jamalam5 years ago
hey, is that guy peter andre
does this really work?if so how long does it take

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