There are different hydraulic brake systems and they vary slightly in their bleeding procedure but the principle is broadly the same.

I am bleeding some Hope C2s on a friend's  gnarly bike.

They are old but beautifully engineered and are closed system hydraulic brakes.

There are kits to make things easier but this is the old school way using a simple hose.

Step 1: Tools and Consumables and Naming Parts.

You will need an 8mm spanner ( preferably ring ended).

A 26 mm spanner or an adjustable.

Some clean rags.

A small length of tubing or a bleed kit.

The correct brake fluid. ( Some use DOT some use mineral )
magura use their own fluid called magura blood
shimano uses mineral; oil,NOT DOT BRAKE FLUID! and hope, hayes,magura, avid all use a variation of DOT Fluid Do you homework you can do major damage if you use the wrong fluid! <br>
Generally, Shimano brakes use hydraulic oil, and hayes/avid use DOT brake fluid. If you are not sure a quick google solves most problems. Great instructable friendofhumanity!
Great walkthrough! :D
Thank you kindly. <br>

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