How to Blink{breathing Style} LED$ While You Are Playin Re4/mgs/crysis





Introduction: How to Blink{breathing Style} LED$ While You Are Playin Re4/mgs/crysis

HELLOW!! Every one.I'm back with a brand new instructable.

Are you a hardcore gamer?Playin adrenaline pumping games like MGS series,Resident evil,crysis,Lost planet etc?Do you want to show off your buddies how you are pumping your lungs?

Then this instructable will show the way for the right thing!

With this circuit you can drive leds from single led to hundreads of leds.Leds will fade in and fade out.It will simulate the breathing of gamer.You can also use it to make gostly eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any one can build this.It is super simple.Requires few parts.It's heart is a 4 pin ic named ne555.555 is a ic that got 1flipflop(used in touch switch) and 2 comparators(op-amp).

I hope everyone will enjoy it

Step 1: Things You Will Need

There are few parts on this circuit.only 7 parts.And they are pretty small!

1.555 ic
2.variable resistor
3.470uf capacitor(White coloured cap in the diagram)
4.2n2222 npn transistor(upto 10 leds but for more leds it will need more amp.So for that 2n3055 is recomended)
5.22uf cap
6.100nf cap(not necessary)
7.1k resistor

Thats all we need.Lets make it.Lets Goooooooo!

Step 2: Building the Gadget

To build it first take out your breadboard.Mannnnn people who dont know how to solder should buy this piece of bread!!!

After watching the diagram plz try to put all components by yourself it will help you on the future

Step 3: I MAY BLINK BLINK I'M JUST LIKE LIGHT HOUSE...................

Nom check your cool new gadget.Use it to simulate your breathing.




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    thank you shams for your answer to my question (which was stupid I realize now, but I am a philistine in electronics). I will try your schematics then. Do you know if this circuit can be modified so as to have two alternating fading leds ?

    3 replies

    I mean when one led fades out, another led lights up slowly, and when it fades out the first one lights up, etc. I succeeded in making this with the bill bowden circuit using an op-amp kia 4558 but I´m not completely happy with the results and would like to try something else.

    u can do it with a cmos ic named got 50% duty cycle on each out put.......just add the transistor capacitor circuit on the output just like 555

    No there is no stupid questions in electronics.................what really do u mean by alternating fading leds ?

    on your schematic, the capacitors 1 and 3 have no indication of polarity. Does it mean it doesn´t matter and we can mount them both ways ?

    1 reply

    capacitor 1 got polarity it's on the schematic..but 2 and 3 dont cuz they are ceramic cap....But the big one(white one) got polarity...the pin which is connected with the collector of the transistor is +...............dont ever reverse ur electrolytic cap...on high current it will blow on low it will be damaged and it will become slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    do you understand what is capacitor,resistor,led and chip????.........

    yeah.. but like the chip pins are messed up so that confuses me sometimes. also how do you hook up the capacitor?

    I get what you are doing here, but you really need to work on the delivery. Be a little more detailed in what these components should be doing. Maybe make a video of the end result.

    1 reply

    Thank you for comment.Yes i'll put a video and pic of every parts of my project.I couldn't upload cuz our optical cable has been cut off and people are reparing it now.By the way it isn't really a instructable it is an idea.My main purpose is to help some to understand how to mod pc.I dont want put details in this because this instructable is also for people who dont know much about electronic.And if i put it on detail people will get frustated! Hope liked my ans. SOLIDSHAMS

    What means what?!?!